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PBC News & Comment: Trump Denounces Attempted Bombings He Stoked

Pipe bombs sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN are denounced by White House, as Trumpists immediately blame ‘angry Democrats’….–pro-Trump media and Tweeters sing the same song, False Flag

–at Monday’s Trumpmob rally in Houston, Trump embraced the term “nationalist” , as he repeatedly lied about Dems and their violent tendencies

–FBI arrests white nationalist who had fled to Central America

–Border Patrol union endorses agitprop featuring white nationalists that refers to Dems as “dark and evil”

–Fox reporter at Rio Grande goes vigilante, pops out of bushes to confront migrant family on a raft

–is the Caravan an “October Surprise”? Russ Baker at WhoWhatWhy reviews the history of contrived events that impacted elections

–GAO report says AG Sessions didn’t notify the departments that had to deal with family separation when he announced “zero tolerance”

Shadowproof’s Kevin Gosztola reports on the big data operations of Palantir and Amazon that merge immigration policing with other law enforcement networks

–Apple’s Tim Cook calls for legislation to protect privacy, now that there isn’t any

–Apple CEO Tim Cook blasts Bloomberg, demands retraction of reports that China installed back doors in servers

–Facebook and Twitter work with state election officials to snuff out false info about elections

–Trump and MBS compete for Hypocrite of the Year as they shift positions on Khashoggi assassination

–Israel is gearing up for EU conference where it will push to define BDS as anti-Semitic, as we discussed in latest interview with Ian Berman

–Human Rights Watch report accuses Fatah and Hamas of torture and arbitrary arrest of Palestinians

–in mysterious move, Supreme Court overrules lower courts, says Commerce Secretary can’t be questioned about adding citizenship question to census