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PBC News & Comment: Any Evidence of Russian Meddling in Midterms?

On election day, NY Times op-ed asserts continuing Russian interference, while WashPost report fingers Americans for disinformation and hate speech….–Read The Times’ opinion piece here, The Post’s news report here

–Trump continued to sow discord with massive disinformation and hate speech, with final stop in Limbaugh’s home town, Cape Girardeau, MO

–even Fox execs know Sean Hannity lied about not campaigning for Trump at rally

–in El Paso, Border Patrol staged “crowd control drills” that were cancelled after outrage over voter intimidation

Guardian reveals that Pentagon refused to build camps to detain migrants as part of troop deployments

–US elections include many shit-shows, and that’s intentional: long lines, broken machines, vote flipping reports abound

WhoWhatWhy exposes string of lies from Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp about huge security problems that Kemp blames on Dem hackers

–in this fractious political moment, corporate Dems unite with GOP to squish Democratic Socialists

–in Seattle House race, it’s Smith vs. Smith: one’s a powerful pro-military incumbent, the other is a pesky Democratic Socialist

–Saudis escalate attacks in Yemen after US call for cease fire

NY Times offers honest look at Turkey’s Erdogan, who demands justice for dead Saudi “journalist” while he jails 73 journalists in Turkey on bogus claims

–San Francisco enforcement of Air BnB rules leads to $2 million+ fine for landlord couple