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PBC News & Comment: Any Evidence of Russian Meddling in Midterms?

On election day, NY Times op-ed asserts continuing Russian interference, while WashPost report fingers Americans for disinformation and hate speech….--Read The Times’ opinion piece here, The Post’s news report here

--Trump continued to sow discord with massive disinformation and hate speech, with final stop in Limbaugh’s home town, Cape Girardeau, MO

--even Fox execs know Sean Hannity lied about not campaigning for Trump at rally

--in El Paso, Border Patrol staged “crowd control drills” that were cancelled after outrage over voter intimidation

--Guardian reveals that Pentagon refused to build camps to detain migrants as part of troop deployments

--US elections include many shit-shows, and that’s intentional: long lines, broken machines, vote flipping reports abound

--WhoWhatWhy exposes string of lies from Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp about huge security problems that Kemp blames on Dem hackers

--in this fractious political moment, corporate Dems unite with GOP to squish Democratic Socialists

--in Seattle House race, it’s Smith vs. Smith: one’s a powerful pro-military incumbent, the other is a pesky Democratic Socialist

--Saudis escalate attacks in Yemen after US call for cease fire

--NY Times offers honest look at Turkey’s Erdogan, who demands justice for dead Saudi “journalist” while he jails 73 journalists in Turkey on bogus claims

--San Francisco enforcement of Air BnB rules leads to $2 million+ fine for landlord couple