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PBC News & Comment: Gloating Over Low-Ball Senate Win, Trump Fires Sessions

As expected, Trump’s scorched-earth campaigning expanded GOP Senate majority; as predicted, Jeff Sessions submits resignation as ordered, chaos continues….–Trump ally Matthew Whitaker will be acting AG, expect mischief

–Facebook colludes with intelligence minders, removes accounts linked to Russia’s IRA that tried to influence US midterms with posts in French and Russian

–in response to Pittsburgh massacre, some American Jewish leaders want to exploit sympathy to pass laws to silence critics of Israel

–almost 6 months after Singapore Summit, negotiations with North Korea are stalled

–in rare case of “domestic terrorist” with no FBI informant/enabler, jury convicts failed suicide bomber for 2017 subway pipe bomb incident

–Motel 6 agrees to pay $7.6 million to customers they turned into ICE, and promises not to do it again

–in Georgia, Stacey Abrams refuses to concede to Brian Kemp, who ran dirty voter suppression scheme, runoff or recount possible

–author and professor Carol Anderson drove elders to vote in Georgia, and they recalled the Jim Crow days

–Greg Palast is on the scene, witnessed 92-year-old voter being turned away at polls

WhoWhatWhy details voting breakdowns, and demands real reforms

–Pelosi deserves credit for engineering the possible: midterms usually favor the out party, but her 11-seat majority limits what’s possible, and likely

–Pelosi faces a challenge from freshman who vowed not to support her for Speaker

–women were big winners in House races

–in Senate, Dems lose IN, MO and ND, tie in FL and pickup in NV

–Senate GOP will have little interference in court packing plans

–young people did vote, and mostly for Democrats

–many races still not decided

–Kris Kobach lost, Scott Walker ousted as Dems gain 7 governorships so far

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola recaps key ballot measures