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PBC News & Comment: Trump Provokes Constitutional Crisis

Citizens hit the streets in protest of Trump’s pick of hatchet man Whitaker as acting Attorney General, threatening Mueller probe….–Common Cause and MoveOn activate contingency plan, call for nationwide protests at 5pm today

–Mr. Kellyanne Conway joins Neal Katyal in op-ed that cites Clarence Thomas to call Trump’s maneuver unconstitutional

–Matt Whitaker pitched Trump for the job by criticizing Mueller investigation on TV; he’s an evangelical movement conservative from Iowa

–Whitaker is expected to reject recusal, even though he has ties to Sam Clovis, who was a witness in Mueller probe

WashPost roundup has many interesting tidbits on the story

–American left shudders in unison at news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s fall

–the once all-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules against Trump for attempting to end DACA based on false claims

–Trump’s feud with CNN escalates as Jim Acosta is banned from White House and HuckSanders uses Infowars video to claim Acosta grabbed intern

–you can watch the videos here

–Acosta’s original question was about the invading caravan, which is now stalled in Mexico City

–at yesterday’s rambling, combative news conference, Trump told black reporter that her question about white nationalism was racist

Fox “News” host Tucker Carlson is outraged by rowdy protesters at his DC home

–in Georgia, Brian Kemp finally resigns as Secretary of State after premature claim of victory in governor’s race

–in Ohio, false claim of “voter fraud” in Columbus is removed by Facebook, but remains on Twitter

–in House races, 8 of the Dems who won have military or spy backgrounds

–latest mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA leaves 12 dead from ex-Marine who shot up country music bar

–Trump’s carefully chosen sanction targets in Iran include sunken freighter and bank that closed 6 years ago

–in Israel, corruption investigation of Netanyahu nails Bibi’s buddies

–after Googlers protested, CEO reforms policies on sexual misconduct

–SF billionaires Marc Benioff and Jack Dorsey battled over business tax to fund homeless programs; the measure passed, but faces court challenge

–Amazon blinks after protest by rare book sellers