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PBC News & Comment: Trump Provokes Constitutional Crisis

Citizens hit the streets in protest of Trump’s pick of hatchet man Whitaker as acting Attorney General, threatening Mueller probe….--Common Cause and MoveOn activate contingency plan, call for nationwide protests at 5pm today

--Mr. Kellyanne Conway joins Neal Katyal in op-ed that cites Clarence Thomas to call Trump’s maneuver unconstitutional

--Matt Whitaker pitched Trump for the job by criticizing Mueller investigation on TV; he’s an evangelical movement conservative from Iowa

--Whitaker is expected to reject recusal, even though he has ties to Sam Clovis, who was a witness in Mueller probe

--WashPost roundup has many interesting tidbits on the story

--American left shudders in unison at news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s fall

--the once all-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules against Trump for attempting to end DACA based on false claims

--Trump’s feud with CNN escalates as Jim Acosta is banned from White House and HuckSanders uses Infowars video to claim Acosta grabbed intern

--you can watch the videos here

--Acosta’s original question was about the invading caravan, which is now stalled in Mexico City

--at yesterday’s rambling, combative news conference, Trump told black reporter that her question about white nationalism was racist

--Fox “News” host Tucker Carlson is outraged by rowdy protesters at his DC home

--in Georgia, Brian Kemp finally resigns as Secretary of State after premature claim of victory in governor’s race

--in Ohio, false claim of “voter fraud” in Columbus is removed by Facebook, but remains on Twitter

--in House races, 8 of the Dems who won have military or spy backgrounds

--latest mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA leaves 12 dead from ex-Marine who shot up country music bar

--Trump’s carefully chosen sanction targets in Iran include sunken freighter and bank that closed 6 years ago

--in Israel, corruption investigation of Netanyahu nails Bibi’s buddies

--after Googlers protested, CEO reforms policies on sexual misconduct

--SF billionaires Marc Benioff and Jack Dorsey battled over business tax to fund homeless programs; the measure passed, but faces court challenge

--Amazon blinks after protest by rare book sellers