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PBC News & Comment: Keystone XL Blocked by Court as Paradise Burns

As court blocks final approval of Keystone XL in lawsuit by climate activists, new wildfires spurred by warming hit California….--Paradise, CA—near Chico—lays in ruins after fast-moving wildfire consumed 70,000 acres in one day

--WashPost science writer explains the conditions that spawned infernos

--in Keystone case, activist Frank Egger gets 80th birthday gift as federal judge in Montana blasts Trump’s methods in approving pipeline

--as NY Times reduces FL and GA election contests to “bickering” and ignores the purging of voters in Georgia, we get update from Greg Palast in Atlanta

--Broward County’s ugly history—from hanging chads to 2016 ballot destruction—is used by GOP to try to stop vote count while Scott and DeSantis are leading

--as millions protested in all 50 states, Dem leaders offer weak response to naming of political hatchet man Whitaker as Acting Attorney General

--in odd remark today, Trump says “I don’t know Matt Whitaker”

--Ben Wittes, who often speaks for St. James Comey, says it’s too late to stop Mueller, in The Atlantic

--FOIA king Jason Leopold reveals 2016 letter from Senate Dems to Obama (nice going!) but uses anonymous intel sources to guess at redactions (boo!)

--Trump acts on his campaign threat, orders changes to asylum rules as cable news dials back coverage of the invading caravan

--Trump’s feud with CNN’s Jim Acosta continues, as the Don threatens to ban other reporters who don’t respect his rude and insulting behavior

--US Navy accused of ignoring distress calls from Mediterranean migrants in June, and we’ve just learned of near-collision with Chinese ship in October

--recommended weekend read: Michele Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, raises important issues about trading cash bail for corporate monitoring of suspects