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Developing Story Interview: Greg Palast Reports on Georgia Post-Election Action

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Journalist Greg Palast, who brought us the book and documentary The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, is on the ground in Atlanta fighting to expose massive voter suppression and achieve a fair election in Georgia.Get the latest from Palast’s website here, and be sure to watch the video of the 92-year-old civil rights advocate who went to the polling place where she’s voted since 1968 on this past Tuesday, and found she had been purged from the rolls.

PBC opens by offering Palast a victory lap for Kris Kobach’s defeat in the Kansas race for governor.  In the limited time we had, Palast recaps the purges that left hundreds of thousands of Georgians–mostly minority Democrats–unable to vote this week.  Brian Kemp, who resigned as Secretary of State after the election–and after declaring himself the winner before all votes are counted–presided over systematic efforts to reduce participation by likely Democrats, including the use of Kobach’s infamous “interstate crosscheck list”.

Kobach thumbnails the lawsuits that forced Kemp to reinstate some voters, and led to his belated resignation.  Palast briefly comments on the Florida senate and governor’s races, and chastises Andrew Gillum for conceding on election night.  Both Florida races now seem headed for recounts.