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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Ignorance on Display From France to California

In France, Trump’s behavior and tweets embarrass US, again; his comments on California’s devastating wildfires expose his willful ignorance, again….–these wildfires aren’t forest fires, but Trump blames forest management in lame effort to divert attention from climate change

–Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise appears to be caused by utility; Woolsey Fire that rages in Malibu reportedly started at federal nuke/rocket site

–armchair experts resurface to deny climate change, and blame firestorms on geoengineering and direct energy weapons

–in France, Trump bailed on visit to WWI cemetery to avoid bad hair day, and blasts Macron for his comments about nationalism

–last Friday, there were signs of reduced tensions, but Israel sent a covert team into Gaza Sunday night, triggering rocket fire and Israeli retaliation

–UN reports that Iran is in compliance with nuclear deal

–federal judge in Atlanta orders Georgia to delay certification and resolve issues over provisional ballots and absentee ballots invalidated over minor issues

–before that order, 12 Georgia counties rushed to certify results that are, at least, incomplete

WhoWhatWhy says it’s a matter of which votes won’t be counted

–Trump and media allies are furiously lying about voter fraud and other claims, want to lock in election night numbers

–Florida judge finds zero evidence of fraud, tells GOP to back off from unfounded claims

–House Dems have gained 32 seats for sure, could reach 40

–most-watched freshman Ocasio-Cortez joins climate activists in Pelosi’s office—was it a protest, or support for Pelosi?

–Dem Senate leader Schumer timidly talks of “constitutional crisis” in Whitaker AG appointment

–SF city attorney and Maryland AG both file challenges to Whitaker appointment

–attempted border crossings reach new peak, and Trump gets ready to fire DHS boss Nielsen….is Kris Kobach angling for the gig?

–as Turkey offers proof that KSM was alerted when Khashoggi was dead, US is not persuaded

–in UK, Brexit heads to showdown

–Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal runs blockbuster that shows that Trump was directly managing hush money deals

–Tom Steyer renews call for impeachment

–White House is adjusting the narrative on the lockout of CNN’s Acosta

–hate crime reports jumped 17% during 2017