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PBC News & Comment: Bad Advice: Pundits Tell Dems to Be Moderate, Cautious

Democratic leaders and media pundits advise progressives to seek unity and bipartisanship with GOP brick wall, but Dem voters disagree….--polls show Democrats want to fight, those who support compromise have declined almost by half

--bipartisan sentencing reform package faces uncertain road in lame duck session, as Trump says he supports Crown Prince Jared’s effort

--Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos proposes changes to campus sexual assault rules, including cross examination that may inhibit victims from reporting incidents

--El Chapo trial begins with dramatic opening statement from defense

--federal prosecutors drop investigation of Jane Sanders over Vermont college property deal

--predictably, the “Justice” Dept. has legal arguments defending interim appointment of Whitaker

--Trump’s rage is common thread in phone call with Theresa May, outburst at staff over decision to skip cemetery visit, his threats to fire Kelly, Nielsen and Melania’s targeting of Bolton’s #2 for dismissal

--after 45’s angry tweets insult France on day of mourning, our Dear Tweeter is accused of lacking common decency

--Amazon wraps up its race to the bottom, selecting Long Island City NY and Crystal City, VA for its new sites after extracting gross tax breaks and other inducements

--Netanyahu’s shaky coalition could topple, as Defense Minister Lieberman quits

--the government of Theresa May in Britain is also at risk, as Brexit draft deal draws criticism from every directions

at The Hill, a persuasive opinion column on the new study of cellphone links to cancer

--just like 2000, the Florida post-election scramble is a confusing mess, and may end like 2000, elections decided without all ballots counted

--Bradblog has great coverage, says FL recounts can’t be completed in time

--clean election advocate John Brakey sneaks cellphone video that proves some Florida voting machines have modems, and they are hackable

--Prof. Carol Anderson, the Jim Crow expert, asks why suppressed votes in Florida are being ignored

--at Buzzfeed, Ben Max is right: voting is broken be design

--Georgia state senator who joined protesters says she was arrested because she’s black