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PBC News & Comment: Facebook’s Dark Side Is Exposed

Major NY Times investigation shows Facebook hired media manipulation firm to blame Soros, Apple and Google for self-inflicted problems….--read the NY Times report here

--Soros foundation leader calls Facebook “reprehensible” for spreading anti-Semitic smears of Soros, while using Anti-Defamation League to defend Zuckerberg

--labor reporter Steve Zeltzer interviews filmmakers of “The Cleaners”, new documentary about Facebook’s offshore content reviewers

--the cleaners have been busy, Facebook says it has removed 1.5 billion fake accounts

--a week after firing Sessions, Trump resumes attacks on Mueller, apparently driven by written questions Trump is struggling to answer

--lame duck Jeff Flake gets testy again, after McConnell blocks vote on bill to protect Mueller from firing

--Nixon impeachment panel veteran Elizabeth Holtzman offers blueprint for Trump

--former CIA officer Ray McGovern confronted James Clapper with Clapper’s memoir admissions that he delivered bogus intel before Iraq war

--CIA vet John Kiriakou points to fresh evidence, says Clapper and Brennan must be prosecuted

--Saudi Arabia has changed its story on Khasoggi assassination, again

--Sen. Rand Paul has another moment of principle, losing an effort to cut arms sales to Bahrain to send message to House of Saud

--after suppressing info for 18 months, Afghan leader Ghani reports large death toll as “whatever” war marks 17 years

--US dropped more bombs in Afghanistan last year than in any prior year

--Britain’s PM May loses two key ministers in fallout from Brexit debate

--Florida vote recounts go into overtime as Trump adds idiocy to the confusion

--a challenger, Rep. Marcia Fudge, surfaces for Pelosi, who is confident she will return as Speaker

--the extremely incoherent Kevin McCarthy is elected minority leader, as top GOP state lawmaker says “GOP is dead in California”