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PBC News & Comment: Facebook’s Dark Side Is Exposed

Major NY Times investigation shows Facebook hired media manipulation firm to blame Soros, Apple and Google for self-inflicted problems….–read the NY Times report here

–Soros foundation leader calls Facebook “reprehensible” for spreading anti-Semitic smears of Soros, while using Anti-Defamation League to defend Zuckerberg

–labor reporter Steve Zeltzer interviews filmmakers of “The Cleaners”, new documentary about Facebook’s offshore content reviewers

–the cleaners have been busy, Facebook says it has removed 1.5 billion fake accounts

–a week after firing Sessions, Trump resumes attacks on Mueller, apparently driven by written questions Trump is struggling to answer

–lame duck Jeff Flake gets testy again, after McConnell blocks vote on bill to protect Mueller from firing

–Nixon impeachment panel veteran Elizabeth Holtzman offers blueprint for Trump

–former CIA officer Ray McGovern confronted James Clapper with Clapper’s memoir admissions that he delivered bogus intel before Iraq war

–CIA vet John Kiriakou points to fresh evidence, says Clapper and Brennan must be prosecuted

–Saudi Arabia has changed its story on Khasoggi assassination, again

–Sen. Rand Paul has another moment of principle, losing an effort to cut arms sales to Bahrain to send message to House of Saud

–after suppressing info for 18 months, Afghan leader Ghani reports large death toll as “whatever” war marks 17 years

–US dropped more bombs in Afghanistan last year than in any prior year

–Britain’s PM May loses two key ministers in fallout from Brexit debate

–Florida vote recounts go into overtime as Trump adds idiocy to the confusion

–a challenger, Rep. Marcia Fudge, surfaces for Pelosi, who is confident she will return as Speaker

–the extremely incoherent Kevin McCarthy is elected minority leader, as top GOP state lawmaker says “GOP is dead in California”