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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Blunder Reveals Assange Indictment

Julian Assange and others have long believed there’s a sealed US indictment of him, and Team Mueller accidentally confirmed it….–court filing in another secret case revealed the Assange indictment exists, but charges are still secret

Glenn Greenwald and others note that MSM has supported Acosta, but even outlets that ran WikiLeaks documents are curiously detached from key press freedom assault

–Caitlin Johnstone offers strong comments, too

–Trump-appointed judge ordered Acosta’s White House pass restored, but order expires in 14 days, White House says it will suspend him again

–massive voter fraud—based on suppression—enables GOP to claim victory in FL Senate race, and governor’s races in FL and GA

–Brenda Snipes, blamed for many screwed-up vote counts, resigns as Broward County election chief

–fiery Stacey Abrams acknowledges that Brian Kemp will be GA governor, but refuses to concede

–Greg Palast vows to keep fighting in Georgia, after proving voter purges and other election fraud gambits

NY Times headline whiplash: election was “rife with flaws” , but “no signs of vast fraud”

WhoWhatWhy calls for punishing election officials for security, privacy violations

ConsortiumNews runs text/video reports on Indian casino schemes that led to findings of fraud against former Sen. Barbara Boxer’s son and his business partner

–Orange Curtain lifts, as Dems sweep all house seats in conservative LA suburb

–16 House Dems say they will vote against Pelosi for speaker

–Trump brings buffoonery to tragic California fire zones, tells us to start raking leaves

–report shows TV networks ignore climate change in coverage of CA fires

–Trump will make former coal industry lobbyist permanent head of EPA

–political leaders unfriend Zuck as WashPost columnist calls for him to give up chairmanship of Facebook

–finally, 3 Dem senators have filed lawsuit over appointment of Whitaker as interim AG, case may go directly to Supreme Court

–Trumps edict banning asylum for illegal border crossers is challenged

–clever or crude? Trump insults Rep. Adam Schiff in tweet at Adam Schitt