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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Blunder Reveals Assange Indictment

Julian Assange and others have long believed there’s a sealed US indictment of him, and Team Mueller accidentally confirmed it….--court filing in another secret case revealed the Assange indictment exists, but charges are still secret

--Glenn Greenwald and others note that MSM has supported Acosta, but even outlets that ran WikiLeaks documents are curiously detached from key press freedom assault

--Caitlin Johnstone offers strong comments, too

--Trump-appointed judge ordered Acosta’s White House pass restored, but order expires in 14 days, White House says it will suspend him again

--massive voter fraud—based on suppression—enables GOP to claim victory in FL Senate race, and governor’s races in FL and GA

--Brenda Snipes, blamed for many screwed-up vote counts, resigns as Broward County election chief

--fiery Stacey Abrams acknowledges that Brian Kemp will be GA governor, but refuses to concede

--Greg Palast vows to keep fighting in Georgia, after proving voter purges and other election fraud gambits

--NY Times headline whiplash: election was “rife with flaws” , but “no signs of vast fraud”

--WhoWhatWhy calls for punishing election officials for security, privacy violations

--ConsortiumNews runs text/video reports on Indian casino schemes that led to findings of fraud against former Sen. Barbara Boxer’s son and his business partner

--Orange Curtain lifts, as Dems sweep all house seats in conservative LA suburb

--16 House Dems say they will vote against Pelosi for speaker

--Trump brings buffoonery to tragic California fire zones, tells us to start raking leaves

--report shows TV networks ignore climate change in coverage of CA fires

--Trump will make former coal industry lobbyist permanent head of EPA

--political leaders unfriend Zuck as WashPost columnist calls for him to give up chairmanship of Facebook

--finally, 3 Dem senators have filed lawsuit over appointment of Whitaker as interim AG, case may go directly to Supreme Court

--Trumps edict banning asylum for illegal border crossers is challenged

--clever or crude? Trump insults Rep. Adam Schiff in tweet at Adam Schitt