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PBC News & Comment: Bucking CIA, Trump Backs Bloody Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Not just a tweet—Trump issues formal statement with idiotic claim about MBS: “maybe he did, maybe he didn’t” know….–Trump is considering trading Fethullah Gulen to Turkey in exchange for end to pressure on Saudis for Khashoggi assassination, Juan Cole reports

–in Yemen, Houthi leader offers halt to rocket attacks, seeking end to Saudi assault and growing starvation

–federal judge in San Francisco blocks Trump order limiting asylum, and tests Supreme Court ruling on travel ban and immigration powers

–prompting Clinton fans to chant “Lock her up”, White House confirms Ivanka and Jared used personal email for govt business

–Jared’s pet domestic project, sentencing reform, was intended to cut federal prison population by half, but has been whittled down to 4%

–Supreme Court agrees to hear case that challenges adding citizenship question to 2020 census

–Robert Reich calls for breakup of Facebook, Google and Apple under anti-trust laws to end new Gilded Age

–in new, in-depth interview, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern details his recent encounter with James Clapper, suspects John Brennan may be Guccifer, and talks about the sealed indictment of Julian Assange

–Sen. Schumer asks DOJ inspector general to probe whether Matt Whitaker has shared Mueller info with Trump

–Netanyahu narrowly clings to power after naming himself defense minister and proclaiming his indispensability

–Trump rewards #1 Zionist donor with Medal of Freedom after $120 million in contributions

–US and China bicker at Asian summit, killing joint communiqué

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola compares CIA report on torture of Abu Zubaydeh to Senate torture report