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PBC News & Comment: Bucking CIA, Trump Backs Bloody Saudi Crown Prince MBS

Not just a tweet—Trump issues formal statement with idiotic claim about MBS: “maybe he did, maybe he didn’t” know….--Trump is considering trading Fethullah Gulen to Turkey in exchange for end to pressure on Saudis for Khashoggi assassination, Juan Cole reports

--in Yemen, Houthi leader offers halt to rocket attacks, seeking end to Saudi assault and growing starvation

--federal judge in San Francisco blocks Trump order limiting asylum, and tests Supreme Court ruling on travel ban and immigration powers

--prompting Clinton fans to chant “Lock her up”, White House confirms Ivanka and Jared used personal email for govt business

--Jared’s pet domestic project, sentencing reform, was intended to cut federal prison population by half, but has been whittled down to 4%

--Supreme Court agrees to hear case that challenges adding citizenship question to 2020 census

--Robert Reich calls for breakup of Facebook, Google and Apple under anti-trust laws to end new Gilded Age

--in new, in-depth interview, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern details his recent encounter with James Clapper, suspects John Brennan may be Guccifer, and talks about the sealed indictment of Julian Assange

--Sen. Schumer asks DOJ inspector general to probe whether Matt Whitaker has shared Mueller info with Trump

--Netanyahu narrowly clings to power after naming himself defense minister and proclaiming his indispensability

--Trump rewards #1 Zionist donor with Medal of Freedom after $120 million in contributions

--US and China bicker at Asian summit, killing joint communiqué

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola compares CIA report on torture of Abu Zubaydeh to Senate torture report