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PBC News & Comment: CNN and Israel Lobby Trample First Amendment

CNN fired Prof. Marc Lamont Hill for pro-Palestinian speech at UN as senators move to pass anti-BDS bill despite opposition….--CNN refuses to explain termination of Hill, we cite strong commentary from Philip Giraldi and Cornel West

--in lame duck session, senators of both parties scheme to pass anti-BDS bill

--newly-elected to Congress, Rashida Tlaib backs BDS and will lead delegation to Palestine

--in tweets, Trump slams Michael Cohen, praises Roger Stone, experts call it witness tampering

--NY Times says in 2017 Manafort was desperate for new clients, pitched Ecuador on plan to turn Assange over to US

--at National Review, columnist Andrew McCarthy says Mueller is writing a report, not assembling cases to prosecute

--in powerful column, Maureen Dowd declares it’s “Curtains for the Clintons”

--D. Trump and B. Clinton relieved, as their child molester pal Jeffry Epstein settles case, avoids testimony from victims

--House GOP reveals its servers were breached by unknown hackers, and they called Crowdstrike!

--RT reports FBI raid on Uranium One whistleblower, was it intended to protect Mueller?

--listener known only as “Big J” emails omniscient forecast

--in NC congressional race, allegations of mail-in ballot fraud lead to threat that Dems will block seating of GOP “winner”

--GOP lame ducks in Wisconsin and Michigan follow NC playbook to tie hands of Dems before they take office

--CIA boss Bloody Gina Haspel briefs senators about Khashoggi murder in secret session

--Dow plunges amid confusion over China tariffs, and German carmakers run to Washington, chasing resolution to tariff threats

--to end riots, Macron blinks, suspends gas tax increase

--mainstream reporter catalogs crazy theories about California wildfire causes