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PBC News & Comment: CNN and Israel Lobby Trample First Amendment

CNN fired Prof. Marc Lamont Hill for pro-Palestinian speech at UN as senators move to pass anti-BDS bill despite opposition….–CNN refuses to explain termination of Hill, we cite strong commentary from Philip Giraldi and Cornel West

–in lame duck session, senators of both parties scheme to pass anti-BDS bill

–newly-elected to Congress, Rashida Tlaib backs BDS and will lead delegation to Palestine

–in tweets, Trump slams Michael Cohen, praises Roger Stone, experts call it witness tampering

NY Times says in 2017 Manafort was desperate for new clients, pitched Ecuador on plan to turn Assange over to US

–at National Review, columnist Andrew McCarthy says Mueller is writing a report, not assembling cases to prosecute

–in powerful column, Maureen Dowd declares it’s “Curtains for the Clintons”

–D. Trump and B. Clinton relieved, as their child molester pal Jeffry Epstein settles case, avoids testimony from victims

–House GOP reveals its servers were breached by unknown hackers, and they called Crowdstrike!

RT reports FBI raid on Uranium One whistleblower, was it intended to protect Mueller?

–listener known only as “Big J” emails omniscient forecast

–in NC congressional race, allegations of mail-in ballot fraud lead to threat that Dems will block seating of GOP “winner”

–GOP lame ducks in Wisconsin and Michigan follow NC playbook to tie hands of Dems before they take office

–CIA boss Bloody Gina Haspel briefs senators about Khashoggi murder in secret session

–Dow plunges amid confusion over China tariffs, and German carmakers run to Washington, chasing resolution to tariff threats

–to end riots, Macron blinks, suspends gas tax increase

–mainstream reporter catalogs crazy theories about California wildfire causes