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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Goes Easy on Mike Flynn

Special Counsel suggests little or no jail time for Mike Flynn, doesn’t charge him for his 2016 lobbying for Turkey….–lawsuit against Trump’s violations of Emoluments Clause move forward

–carbon emissions rose last year as oil consumption increases for 5th straight year

–ALEC works to increase emissions even more, pushing plans to kill electric vehicle subsidies

–in Georgia, nuclear power industry pumps cash into dark money campaign for state utility regulator board, aiming to stick ratepayers with nuke plant costs

–Georgia runoff favors Republican for top vote suppression post, Secretary of State

–Washington Gov. Jay Inslee joins other Dems in effort to block Sen. Joe Manchin from Energy Committee

–in Wisconsin, anti-democratic Republicans ram through bills to limit power of new Dem governor and attorney general

Buzzfeed reveals the cash and drugs that fueled workers accused of manipulating mail-in ballots in contested Congressional race

–in battle of Brexit, PM May is found in contempt of Parliament, a first

–Trump’s tweets about trade war with China led to 800-point drop in Dow yesterday; markets are closed today for Bush funeral

–media goes to max hagiography for G.H.W. Bush, and Craig Unger reminds us of the bloody Bush/Saudi connection that remains in effect with MBS

–Joe Biden says Joe Biden is most qualified person to be president

–Trump administration formalizes threat to pull out of INF treaty, gives Russia 60 days to comply

–at Consortium News, Ray McGovern previews the Comey hearing this Friday

–Sheriff Joe is gone from Phoenix, but discrimination continues

–internal Facebook documents released by British committee show Airbnb, Netflix and Lyft got special access to user data

CBS report shows that disgraced CEO Les Moonves got oral sex on demand, and lied to investigators, hoping to retain $120 million severance