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PBC News & Comment: Senate Slams Saudis, But Little Will Change

Bernie Sanders is leader of War Powers bill that curbs US role in Yemen; unanimous support for measure blaming MBS for Khashoggi assassination…--but no Pentagon funds were cut, no arms sales cancelled

--Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both say they’re probably running for president

--at The Intercept, Mehdi Hassan uses video to tell the truth about BDS

--after Trump blamed Cohen for helping him break the law, Cohen fires back

--NY Times reports leaks from leak-proof Mueller probe, indicating that they are investigating super PAC and inaugural committee for foreign contributions

--Wall Street Journal editorial makes a plausible case for entrapment of Mike Flynn

--Loser of the Week, Theresa May, is asking EU to fix her Brexit problems

--on the day Facebook launches kiosks to explain privacy breaches, it reports a new “bug” that may have exposed unposted photos of millions of users

--Facebook's fact-checking partners, some formerly with Snopes, slam the “fake news” suppression efforts as meaningless PR campaign

--in fresh, in-depth interview, journalist Greg Palast reviews the rigged election for governor in Georgia

--Texas executed Alvin Braziel on Tuesday, despite prosecutor misconduct that was revealed hours before they killed him

--Guatemalan girl, aged 7, dies from dehydration after 8 hours in ICE custody

--new Mexican leader AMLO proposes Latin American Marshall Plan to reduce migration

--Arizona’s temp senator, Jon Kyl, resigns to resume lobbying

--Wisconsin lame duck Gov. Scott Walker expected to sign power grab bills

--rogue utility P G & E files for rate increase to fund wildfire preventions, PBC says state should take over the utility

--Brazilian faith healer “John of God” faces more than 200 accusers of sexual abuse