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PBC News & Comment: Senate Slams Saudis, But Little Will Change

Bernie Sanders is leader of War Powers bill that curbs US role in Yemen; unanimous support for measure blaming MBS for Khashoggi assassination…–but no Pentagon funds were cut, no arms sales cancelled

–Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both say they’re probably running for president

–at The Intercept, Mehdi Hassan uses video to tell the truth about BDS

–after Trump blamed Cohen for helping him break the law, Cohen fires back

NY Times reports leaks from leak-proof Mueller probe, indicating that they are investigating super PAC and inaugural committee for foreign contributions

Wall Street Journal editorial makes a plausible case for entrapment of Mike Flynn

–Loser of the Week, Theresa May, is asking EU to fix her Brexit problems

–on the day Facebook launches kiosks to explain privacy breaches, it reports a new “bug” that may have exposed unposted photos of millions of users

–Facebook’s fact-checking partners, some formerly with Snopes, slam the “fake news” suppression efforts as meaningless PR campaign

–in fresh, in-depth interview, journalist Greg Palast reviews the rigged election for governor in Georgia

–Texas executed Alvin Braziel on Tuesday, despite prosecutor misconduct that was revealed hours before they killed him

–Guatemalan girl, aged 7, dies from dehydration after 8 hours in ICE custody

–new Mexican leader AMLO proposes Latin American Marshall Plan to reduce migration

–Arizona’s temp senator, Jon Kyl, resigns to resume lobbying

–Wisconsin lame duck Gov. Scott Walker expected to sign power grab bills

–rogue utility P G & E files for rate increase to fund wildfire preventions, PBC says state should take over the utility

–Brazilian faith healer “John of God” faces more than 200 accusers of sexual abuse