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In-Depth Interview: Journalist Greg Palast Recaps Rigged Election in Georgia

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Greg Palast reports on the rigged election in Georgia, where Secretary of State Brian Kemp purged 340,000 voters to block Stacey Abrams and grab the governorship.Palast reports for the BBC and Rolling Stone, and spent 5 years investigating voter suppression schemes in Georgia.  In his book and documentary called The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Palast exposed the Interstate Crosscheck program run by Kris Kobach of Kansas that was implemented in 30 states, based on the false notion that masses of voters were registered in more than one state.

Kemp, in addition, used “voter caging” to claim that 340,000 Georgians had moved out of the state, and purged those people from voter rolls.  Palast tells of one voter who was purged and re-registered in time for the midterm election–she even brought confirmation of the re-registration to her polling place.  She was not permitted to vote, and only after on-camera protest from Palast did she get a provisional ballot–which a poll worked said would never be counted.

Palast’s passion for election integrity rises–and some F-bombs fly– as we discuss how the NY Times and other corporate media, including the Atlanta Journal Constitution, soft-pedaled the obvious election fraud, with The Times declaring there had been no fraud.  That claim is somewhat undermined by their recent coverage of the mail-in ballot scam exposed in North Carolina’s 9th congressional district, which falsely presents it as an isolated incident.