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PBC News & Comment: Senate Reports Say Russia Targeted Black Voters

Two reports for Senate Intel claim St. Petersburg trolls targeted black voters, enabling Trump victory; they’re wildly out of context…–the reports link Russian propaganda to lower turnout, but ignore voter suppression, Trump’s $82 million online, and manipulation by Americans

–checkstand brainwashing: NY Times revisits 2016 coverage by National Enquirier

–but even NPR admits that “Russian meddling” remains unproven

–and at The Nation, Aaron Maté provides similar rational analysis

–for some unfiltered speculation from former spook Gordon Duff, read here

–Yasha Levine shares NYT front page from 1919, finding Bolsheviks in New York

–Google’s “autocomplete” can’t help you search for “Hillary Clinton email…”, try it

–Mueller pushes back on Flynn’s claims of entrapment, covering ass for Comey, Strozk and McCabe

–Mueller almost dismissed Flynn’s lobbying for Turkey, but his accomplices have just been indicted, as Buzzfeed reports Trump is “working on” Gulen extradition

–GOP picked Texas judge who just overturned all of Obamacare, including “pre-existing condition” coverage they falsely campaigned on in midterms

–Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is forced out, as Trump continues year-end purge

–Poland climate confab claims progress on implementing Paris accord, but Trump-led denial undermined the whole meeting

–Catholic bishops finally try honesty about sex abuse scandals, release names of priests who abused, including at my Jesuit high school in Cincinnati