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PBC News & Comment: Senate Reports Say Russia Targeted Black Voters

Two reports for Senate Intel claim St. Petersburg trolls targeted black voters, enabling Trump victory; they’re wildly out of context…--the reports link Russian propaganda to lower turnout, but ignore voter suppression, Trump’s $82 million online, and manipulation by Americans

--checkstand brainwashing: NY Times revisits 2016 coverage by National Enquirier

--but even NPR admits that “Russian meddling” remains unproven

--and at The Nation, Aaron Maté provides similar rational analysis

--for some unfiltered speculation from former spook Gordon Duff, read here

--Yasha Levine shares NYT front page from 1919, finding Bolsheviks in New York

--Google’s “autocomplete” can’t help you search for “Hillary Clinton email…”, try it

--Mueller pushes back on Flynn’s claims of entrapment, covering ass for Comey, Strozk and McCabe

--Mueller almost dismissed Flynn’s lobbying for Turkey, but his accomplices have just been indicted, as Buzzfeed reports Trump is “working on” Gulen extradition

--GOP picked Texas judge who just overturned all of Obamacare, including “pre-existing condition” coverage they falsely campaigned on in midterms

--Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is forced out, as Trump continues year-end purge

--Poland climate confab claims progress on implementing Paris accord, but Trump-led denial undermined the whole meeting

--Catholic bishops finally try honesty about sex abuse scandals, release names of priests who abused, including at my Jesuit high school in Cincinnati