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PBC News & Comment: Jerry Brown’s Legacy Has Oil Stains

As “Gov. Moonbeam” ends historic 4th term, former governors urge him to clear Death Row, new report exposes energy giveaways….–6 former governors call on Brown to commute all death sentences

new investigative report reveals how his former secretary became oil lobbyist, and prevailed on key bills affecting oil and gas interests

–at sentencing hearing, judge reams Mike Flynn, who accepts offer to delay sentencing

–NY AG Barbara Underwood orders Trump Foundation shut down for “shocking pattern of illegality”

–Trump appears to be backing off from threat of government shutdown this week

–in response to Las Vegas massacre, Trump administration issues ban on “bump stocks”

–16 states ask Texas judge who declared all of Obamacare unconstitutional for clarification from state attorneys general

–after latest GOP quiz on Clinton emails, James Comey blasts his party for failing to challenge Trump’s attacks on FBI

–questions about FBI surveillance surface in NY truck attack that killed 8 people, and a California case of 23-year-old who boasted to his FBI handler

—Trump’s impulsive comments, prodded by Fox & Friends report, could derail Army murder charges against Afghan vet who bragged about summary execution

–Trump’s wars in Africa continue, as US hits Somali with 6 air strikes, killing 60

–Saudis go off-script, attack US Senate for its toothless resolutions on Yemen and Khashoggi murder

–immigration cruelty continues, as Vietnamese and Cambodian immigrants fear deportation

–staggered by $4.6 billion jury award, Johnson & Johnson claims its talcum powders don’t contain asbestos; WhoWhatWhy explains the Kavanaugh angle

–for posting hate speech, Facebook gives Netanyahu’s son Yair 24-hour timeout

–civil rights and activist groups say Zuckerberg, Sandberg should step down

–Norman Solomon offers some balanced views on Dem rock star Beto O’Rourke

–Andy Worthington pays tribute to Judge John Gibbons, who died at age 94 after playing major role in Guantanamo defense bar