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PBC News & Comment: Jerry Brown’s Legacy Has Oil Stains

As “Gov. Moonbeam” ends historic 4th term, former governors urge him to clear Death Row, new report exposes energy giveaways….--6 former governors call on Brown to commute all death sentences

--new investigative report reveals how his former secretary became oil lobbyist, and prevailed on key bills affecting oil and gas interests

--at sentencing hearing, judge reams Mike Flynn, who accepts offer to delay sentencing

--NY AG Barbara Underwood orders Trump Foundation shut down for “shocking pattern of illegality”

--Trump appears to be backing off from threat of government shutdown this week

--in response to Las Vegas massacre, Trump administration issues ban on “bump stocks”

--16 states ask Texas judge who declared all of Obamacare unconstitutional for clarification from state attorneys general

--after latest GOP quiz on Clinton emails, James Comey blasts his party for failing to challenge Trump’s attacks on FBI

--questions about FBI surveillance surface in NY truck attack that killed 8 people, and a California case of 23-year-old who boasted to his FBI handler

—Trump’s impulsive comments, prodded by Fox & Friends report, could derail Army murder charges against Afghan vet who bragged about summary execution

--Trump’s wars in Africa continue, as US hits Somali with 6 air strikes, killing 60

--Saudis go off-script, attack US Senate for its toothless resolutions on Yemen and Khashoggi murder

--immigration cruelty continues, as Vietnamese and Cambodian immigrants fear deportation

--staggered by $4.6 billion jury award, Johnson & Johnson claims its talcum powders don’t contain asbestos; WhoWhatWhy explains the Kavanaugh angle

--for posting hate speech, Facebook gives Netanyahu’s son Yair 24-hour timeout

--civil rights and activist groups say Zuckerberg, Sandberg should step down

--Norman Solomon offers some balanced views on Dem rock star Beto O’Rourke

--Andy Worthington pays tribute to Judge John Gibbons, who died at age 94 after playing major role in Guantanamo defense bar