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PBC News & Comment: Will Identity Politics Divide Dems in 2020?

As large group of Democrats pursue 2020 nomination, supporters reject any/all criticism of their favorite and attack honest critics….–on Facebook, women call fair criticism of Warren, Harris, Gabbard or Gillibrand “mansplaining” or “misogyny”

–Kevin Gosztola profiles Tulsi Gabbard as soldier against regime change wars

–Jeff Cohen notes that corporate media still exclude progressive voices

–almost all the Dem candidates are too busy to attend Women’s March, following infighting by organizers and claims of anti-Semitism

–with one dissenter, House passes bill to force Trump to nominate anti-Semitism envoy, reports Alison Weir

–Supreme Court declines to hear appeal of burn pits case against KBR and Halliburton

–federal judge blasts TrumpCo in order blocking addition of citizenship question to 2020 census

–Trump deserves a little credit for questioning role of NATO, but Deep State organ NY Times enforces the status quo

–Republicans channel select outrage at Rep. Steve King for his latest racist remarks, but not Trump’s

–Senate goes through the motions in Barr confirmation hearings, overlooking most of his odious history

–at The Intercept, reporter John Washington says Barr may be worse on immigration than Jeff Sessions

–Watergate veteran Elizabeth Holtzman challenges Barr on Nixon impeachment history

–Naomi Wolf raises concerns about the Green New Deal proposal

–facing Chapter 11, PG&E value drops to $4.4 billion, ripe for public takeover

–in new book that nobody asked for, Chris Christie tries to get even with Jared Kushner, but has only praise for Trump

–time for Americans to don yellow vests and hit the streets?