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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Truth Police “Newsguard” Announces Launch

Last week, MintPress News broke the story about Newsguard, a for-profit truth squad blessed by corporate media to rate media outlets…–read the NY Times report here

–Newsguard is discussed in new in-depth interview with reporter Max Blumenthal, as he details his reporting on UK’s “Integrity Initiative” and the role of Simon Bracey-Lane, who “volunteered” for Bernie Sanders in 2016

–Parliament deals colossal setback to Theresa May, and Labour leader Corbyn leads no-confidence vote which may force him to take a position on Brexit

–at least 4 Americans killed by suicide bomber in Syria

–in excerpt from his new book, The End of Ice, Truthout’s Dahr Jamail offers bleak prospects for sustaining life on this planet

–astounding testimony at El Chapo trial: former Mexican president Peña-Nieto accepted $100 million bribe

–America’s drug lord oligarchs, the Sacklers, blamed pain patients for getting addicted to Oxycontin, as they raked in billions

–another breakdown in the War on Some Drugs, as star DEA agent is accused of laundering $7 million in payoffs from Colombian cartel

–Senate Dems are relaxed and cordial as Bill Barr sails to AG confirmation

–Bernie Sanders leads Dems on Environment committee, challenging former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler’s EPA confirmation

–tweaking Trump over shutdown, Pelosi suggests cancelling State of the Union

–11 GOP senators broke with Trump on procedural vote to reverse Treasury Dept relaxation of sanctions on Derapaska

NY Times plays ping pong with WashPost, extending shelf life of yesterday’s Post report on Trump’s secret meetings with Putin

–GSA inspector general questions approval of Trump’s lease on federal property, as T-Mobile execs stay at the hotel while seeking approval of merger with Sprint

–Verizon, where Bill Barr was general counsel, blatantly attacks unions in messages to its workers

–LA teachers are striking not just for themselves, but the future of public schools, and Democrats are dodging debate over charter schools, reports Rachel Cohen

–drifting from its “lane” of listicles and celeb gossip, Buzzfeed posts interesting think piece about Dem prez candidates and Israel/Palestine

–listener John Zweibel slams Naomi Wolf’s attack on Green New Deal