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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Truth Police “Newsguard” Announces Launch

Last week, MintPress News broke the story about Newsguard, a for-profit truth squad blessed by corporate media to rate media outlets…--read the NY Times report here

--Newsguard is discussed in new in-depth interview with reporter Max Blumenthal, as he details his reporting on UK’s “Integrity Initiative” and the role of Simon Bracey-Lane, who "volunteered" for Bernie Sanders in 2016

--Parliament deals colossal setback to Theresa May, and Labour leader Corbyn leads no-confidence vote which may force him to take a position on Brexit

--at least 4 Americans killed by suicide bomber in Syria

--in excerpt from his new book, The End of Ice, Truthout’s Dahr Jamail offers bleak prospects for sustaining life on this planet

--astounding testimony at El Chapo trial: former Mexican president Peña-Nieto accepted $100 million bribe

--America’s drug lord oligarchs, the Sacklers, blamed pain patients for getting addicted to Oxycontin, as they raked in billions

--another breakdown in the War on Some Drugs, as star DEA agent is accused of laundering $7 million in payoffs from Colombian cartel

--Senate Dems are relaxed and cordial as Bill Barr sails to AG confirmation

--Bernie Sanders leads Dems on Environment committee, challenging former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler’s EPA confirmation

--tweaking Trump over shutdown, Pelosi suggests cancelling State of the Union

--11 GOP senators broke with Trump on procedural vote to reverse Treasury Dept relaxation of sanctions on Derapaska

--NY Times plays ping pong with WashPost, extending shelf life of yesterday’s Post report on Trump’s secret meetings with Putin

--GSA inspector general questions approval of Trump’s lease on federal property, as T-Mobile execs stay at the hotel while seeking approval of merger with Sprint

--Verizon, where Bill Barr was general counsel, blatantly attacks unions in messages to its workers

--LA teachers are striking not just for themselves, but the future of public schools, and Democrats are dodging debate over charter schools, reports Rachel Cohen

--drifting from its “lane” of listicles and celeb gossip, Buzzfeed posts interesting think piece about Dem prez candidates and Israel/Palestine

--listener John Zweibel slams Naomi Wolf’s attack on Green New Deal