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In-Depth Interview: Reporter Max Blumenthal Exposes Britain’s “Integrity Initiative” and its US Expansion Efforts

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Max Blumenthal and colleagues at the Grayzone Project publish hacked documents that show British dis-disinformation program, the Integrity Initiative, is connected to military intelligence, seeks to export its work to US.Grayzone‘s original investigative reports can be found here and here.

We open the interview with a mention of Simon Bracey-Lane, whose name appears in both reports.  A twenty-ish Brit, he showed up as a volunteer for Bernie Sanders’ Iowa campaign in 2016.  Integrity Initiative documents show him as a staff member who “currently runs the ‘Integrity Initiative’s’ network communications and network development process” and confirms he worked on the Sanders campaign where he did “special study of Russian interference in the US electoral process.”

We cover many important topics:

•  documents show they orchestrated a smear campaign in Spain that blocked Pedro Baños from appointment as top spy

•  Bracey-Lane spoke for his boss, Chris Donnelly, at a Seattle conference; he also ejected a reporter who discovered their offices in London

•  documents suggest that the Integrity Initiative was involved in the heavily-managed Skripal incident in Salisbury last March

•  Donnelly is a British military officer whose top agenda item on a recent US trip was a breakfast meeting with Sebastian Gorka, former Trump advisor, now media ally at Sinclair TV and Salem Radio

•  Integrity Initiative has an office in Washington, and has recruited the infamous Rendon Group, which got $100 million to create propaganda for the Iraq war

•  the recent launch of Newsguard, a corporate-funded news rating service, which dovetails with the information control and manipulation efforts of the Initiative.