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PBC News & Comment: Conservatives in UK and US Defy Logic

British conservatives sunk May’s Brexit plan, rescued her next day; GOP Senate backed Trump on sanctions relief for Russian Derapaska…–Tories narrowly save Theresa May from no-confidence vote

–Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney led mini-filibuster that let Mnuchin decision stand, but media reports gloss over that part

–grandstanding on a dead issue, 130 House Republicans vote against easing sanctions

–Rudy 911 Giuliani muddies the waters on collusion, again

–in false-choice reduction sauce, Wired “access journalist” Garrett Graff panders to Russiagate fans

–as an antidote, Ray McGovern demands: Russiagate Evidence, Please”

–Michael Cohen admits he hired a firm to manipulate polls for Trump, and to tweet how sexy Cohen is

–Trump goes to Pentagon after US soldiers die in Syria, steals another page from Reagan by promoting Star Wars missile defense boondoggle

–new stats show family separations at the southern border started in August 17

–first of 3 trials begins for humanitarians being prosecuted for leaving water and food along migrant pathways in Arizona

–White House says Puerto Ricans don’t need food stamps…is this first step in diverting money to The Wall?

–American-born news anchor for Iran’s Press TV is arrested and detained…possible bargaining chip for American held in Tehran?

–NY Knicks center Enes Kanter would’ve been arrested and extradited to Turkey if he had gone with team to London, he’s wanted due to ties to Fethullah Gulen

–Monarch butterflies face extinction, new study shows 86% decline since last year

–Silicon Valley Rep. Anna Eshoo submits bill to kill telecom pre-emption of local government control in 5G wireless rollout

–in another likely frame-up of “domestic terror” suspect, FBI arrests Georgia man who was set up by his paid FBI informants

–in Chicago, 10th man is exonerated after cops framed him for murder, and the cops in the Maquan McDonald killing are being sentenced this week

–even though it was written for GOP House committee, new report affirms “culture of fear and retaliation in federal prisons”