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PBC News & Comment: So Now, Will Dems Impeach the Mofo?

Unnamed sources tell Buzzfeed that Trump ordered Cohen to lie about Moscow project, and some Dems talk about starting impeachment…--read the story here

--tough talk from Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, but will they impeach?

--Democrats Greg Craig and Tony Podesta, along with former GOP congressman Vin Weber, may be indicted following law firm settlement

--Trump’s gratuitously cruel travel ban, and its extreme enforcement, block 16-year-old Syrian girl from medical treatment in US

--ACLU lawsuit exposes expansive surveillance of social media accounts of citizens and immigrants

--ACLU podcast gives good explanation of unconstitutional laws that sanction people and companies that support BDS aimed at Israel

--Trump’s petty and obnoxious move to cancel military flight for Pelosi trip to Afghanistan may backfire on Individual 1

--fresh reporting on Venezuela by Kevin Gosztola reveals US support for “slow motion right-wing coup” to take down Maduro

--Trump’s speech at Pentagon showed his dangerous fantasies of weapons in space, but the actual plan is mostly theoretical

--North Korean envoy delivers love letter to Trump from Kim

--instant book published by Turkish insiders gives detailed, grisly account of Khashoggi assassination

--your humble host incorrectly reported that Chicago cops accused of coverup would be sentenced; they were acquitted in bizarre bench trial

--new study of OxyContin marketing shows that opioid deaths increased in areas where doctors were wined and dined by drug reps

--Women’s March in DC and many cities expected to be hurt by infighting and claims of anti-Semitism aimed at some leaders

--the women who have announced early for president face early criticism; read the critique of “progressive prosecutor” Kamala Harris here