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PBC News & Comment: Buzzfeed Gets Hammered by Trump, Corporate Media

Buzzfeed’s apparent blunder on its Trump-told-Cohen-to-lie story draws hypocritical attacks from error-prone mainstream media outlets…--Mueller’s non-denial denial is a curious statement that doesn’t challenge the central claim of the report

--Glenn Greenwald’s been keeping score, and spoofs Buzzfeed with “listicle” of 10 biggest media failures on Trump/Russia story

--at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria recaps his encounter with Jason Leopold, who appears to have impersonated Lauria in chasing “Rove Indicted” stinker

--you can hear PBC’s interview of Leopold from 2017, with the reporter defending his use of anonymous sources

--DNC claims Russian hackers tried again, after midterm elections

--further analysis of sanctions relief for Oleg Derapaska raises more questions

--on MLK Day, King and Kennedy families are joined by activists and historians demanding new investigations of 1960’s assassinations

--my colleague Jeff Schectman talks about it with author and journalist David Talbot

--Trump’s ‘prompter speech Saturday was subdued and semi-rational…did he take some meds? By Sunday, he was back to trash-tweeting Pelosi

--Trump’s “compromise” plan is to delay deportation for some of his hostages, get money for his wall and re-write asylum law to exclude kids

--Supreme Court ends Trump leverage over Dreamers, then gives him a break on transgender military ban

--SCOTUS also accepts New York case that will enable conservatives to loosen gun laws some more

--in collision of protest, 3 marches converged in DC, producing social media overkill that sows division of Americans; must be a Russian plot

--Theresa May offers “compromise” Brexit deal, but like Trump, she offers warmed over leftovers

--some Army members tried to stage a coup in Venezuela yesterday

--Israel bombed “Iranian targets” in Syria again

--Trump didn’t ground Lindsay Graham’s flight to Turkey, where he undermined Trump’s plan to exit Syria

--signalling his run for president, Joe Biden finally admits his “big mistake” on criminal sentencing in 1990’s