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In-Depth Interview: Psychiatrist Justin Frank Puts Trump on the Couch

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After sharing his analysis of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Justin A. Frank returns to talk about Trump on the Couch.Frank is a psychoanalyst in Washington, DC, and his new book explores the psychological history of Donald Trump, and breaks down the numerous pathologies exhibited by Individual 1.

This is a wide-ranging and fascinating look at a man who’s been tagged as a narcissist, sexist, misogynist, racist and compulsive liar. We comment on his obvious insecurities and the many ways he tries to compensate.

Dr. Frank observes that Trump’s mother was not very present for him as a child, and his demanding father tried many ways to deal with Donald’s rebellious behavior before he sent him to military boarding school.

And the boarding school experience likely fostered some of the adolescent behavior that continued into adulthood.  Frank also believes that Trump is dyslexic, which would explain his deep aversion to reading books and briefing papers.