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PBC News & Comment: Cohen Testimony Should Be Devastating to Trump

Michael Cohen’s public testimony should lead to Trump’s impeachment, but Dems are content to just investigate him to the max…--at House Oversight hearing, Cohen adds new details about Trump’s crimes before and after he was installed, plenty of evidence of obstruction of justice

--after GOP members hammer Cohen as a liar, he says they’re doing what he used to do, protect Trump by lying about the Liar-in-chief

--recovering Neocon Max Boot offers 5 felonies Trump has committed

--Trumpdog Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted a threat at Cohen before the hearing

--Trump tweeted attacks on Cohen between meetings with Kim Jong-un

--Kashmir conflict escalates, as Pakistan bombs India, and Indian plane is shot down, pilot captured

--at sentencing hearing for convicted Australian Cardinal Pell, his lawyer says it was “just vanilla” pederasty

--almost 6,000 immigrant children have reported sexual abuse in custody

--California inspects 10 ICE detention facilities, finds many problems

--in cynical support of regime change, The Guardian blames spike in infant mortality in Venezuela on Maduro, not sanctions or low oil prices

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola has solid critique of Sanders and other Dems regarding Venezuela

--House Dems introduce Medicare for All bill

--Chicago voters reject Daley dynasty and 2 black women advance to runoff for mayor

--Oakland man who was likely framed as “terrorist” gets 15 years, listen to the background in this podcast with reporter Darwin Bond-Graham

--Supreme Court blocks Alabama from executing man with dementia

--North Carolina election fraud suspect McCrae Dowless is indicted

--Trump wanted to block the AT&T merger with Time Warner to spite CNN, but there are much better reasons to oppose it

--HBO’s John Oliver and NY Times work to expose “psychics”

--after full legalization of weed, San Francisco expunges 9,000 pot convictions

--in new Roundup trial in San Francisco, Monsanto is getting big breaks from the judge