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PBC News & Comment: New Zealand Puts US to Shame With New Gun Ban

Less than a week after the massacres at mosques, New Zealand issues national ban on semiautomatic weapons and big magazines….--after years stoking Russiagate narrative, WashPost warns the Mueller report could produce “one of the most anti-climactic moments in modern politics

--in latest twist in Brexit drama, Theresa May stalks out of Parliament after blaming it for the Brexit mess

--in Venezuela, would-be president Guaido says his chief of staff has been arrested

--Caitlin Johnstone weighs in on the Elliott Abrams press conference we covered here yesterday

--WashPost continues to protect CIA from connection to North Korean revolutionary group that invaded NK’s embassy in Madrid

--during the Thug Summit, Brazil’s new autocrat Bolsonaro was treated to a visit to CIA HQ at Langley

--Brazil’s former president Michel Temer, is arrested on corruption charges

--safety features on Boeing 737 Max that might have prevented 2 fatal crashes were offered as “options” at additional cost

--Judicial Council wants to expand 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, allowing GOP to pack it with conservatives

--but the “liberal” 9th Circuit just ruled in favor of crooked cops in asset seizure case

--at The Intercept, Mehdi Hasan dispatches Joe Biden as Hillary 2.0

--Biden is reportedly considering naming Stacey Abrams as VP pick, but Paul Waldman has good arguments that it would be a major mismatch

--media examines Amy Klobuchar’s handling of police violence cases as prosecutor in Minnesota

--Twitter has restored Christine Assange’s account

--Trump’s attacks on McCain and George Conway shows how Republicans are afraid of the bully-in-chief