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PBC News & Comment: New Zealand Puts US to Shame With New Gun Ban

Less than a week after the massacres at mosques, New Zealand issues national ban on semiautomatic weapons and big magazines….–after years stoking Russiagate narrative, WashPost warns the Mueller report could produce “one of the most anti-climactic moments in modern politics

–in latest twist in Brexit drama, Theresa May stalks out of Parliament after blaming it for the Brexit mess

–in Venezuela, would-be president Guaido says his chief of staff has been arrested

–Caitlin Johnstone weighs in on the Elliott Abrams press conference we covered here yesterday

WashPost continues to protect CIA from connection to North Korean revolutionary group that invaded NK’s embassy in Madrid

–during the Thug Summit, Brazil’s new autocrat Bolsonaro was treated to a visit to CIA HQ at Langley

–Brazil’s former president Michel Temer, is arrested on corruption charges

–safety features on Boeing 737 Max that might have prevented 2 fatal crashes were offered as “options” at additional cost

–Judicial Council wants to expand 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, allowing GOP to pack it with conservatives

–but the “liberal” 9th Circuit just ruled in favor of crooked cops in asset seizure case

–at The Intercept, Mehdi Hasan dispatches Joe Biden as Hillary 2.0

–Biden is reportedly considering naming Stacey Abrams as VP pick, but Paul Waldman has good arguments that it would be a major mismatch

–media examines Amy Klobuchar’s handling of police violence cases as prosecutor in Minnesota

–Twitter has restored Christine Assange’s account

–Trump’s attacks on McCain and George Conway shows how Republicans are afraid of the bully-in-chief