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PBC News & Comment: Trump Gifts Golan to Bibi, Meddling in Israeli Election

In latest giveaway to Israel, Netanyahu, Adelson, Trump ignores history, UN Resolution by recognizing Israel’s theft of Golan Heights….--Robert Mackey offers smart comments at The Intercept

--setting up Netanyahu’s American campaign stops, Trump repeats claims that Dems are anti-Israel and anti-Jewish

--Sarah Sanders and Trump claim that Islamic State is vanquished

--tag team grifters, Jared and Josh Kushner are using Jared’s influence to profit the Kushner family

--NY Times offers deep dive into intelligence firms based in Israel and the Gulf, but goes shallow on their projects in the US

--in double tease for Mueller report, NY Times recaps their Russiagate narrative, again, and runs op-ed by James Comey, who hopes Trump isn’t impeached

Note: Moments after this podcast was recorded, news broke that Mueller has submitted his report. We'll have detailed comments on Monday.

--in the discussion following Trump’s silly “free speech on campus” executive order, has anyone mentioned the crackdown on BDS speech?

--MAGA-man Cesar Sayoc pleads guilty to his pipe-bombs-for-Trump-opponents campaign, and we only learn a little from his court statement

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reviews court documents related to Chelsea Manning’s recent jailing for refusing to testify to WikiLeaks grand jury

--Mississippi and Missouri proudly enact restrictive abortion laws that are clearly unconstitutional

--to prevent the next AOC, Dem campaign committee threatens to cut funds from campaign advisors who work for primary challengers to incumbents

--Indonesian state airline tells Boeing it wants to cancel order for 737 Max planes

--Mike Pence offers vague threats to Maduro for arresting top Guaido advisor, as Maduro uses the gringo lingo of terrorism to defend his detention

--Sackler family members feel the pain of massive lawsuits stemming from the white collar drug syndicate’s profiteering from OxyContin