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PBC News & Comment: ‘Mueller Time’ Exposes Massive Media Malpractice

The partisan propaganda propelled by major corporate media outlets has undermined Fourth Estate, enabling Trump to demagogue about“Fake News”…–in fitting metaphor, Rachel Maddow was fishing in Tennessee Friday when Mueller delivered his report, and told Sen. Amy Klobuchar she hadn’t caught a single fish

–AG Bill Barr’s filter-and-spin summary deserves skepticism, and so does Mueller

–Barr says Mueller concluded that Russia hacked the DNC, offering no evidence, still

–many reporters I’ve respected soiled and sullied themselves promoting Russiagate, starting with Maddow and the MSNBC crew

–Trump reacts with anger and self-pity, partly justifiable

–Aaron Maté, who distinguished himself with critical reporting, serves up a video report at Grayzone Project

–Glenn Greenwald, opposite David Cay Johnston, hammers the propagandists, on Democracy Now

–at ConsortiumNews, editor Joe Lauria shares his pre-election prophecy about blaming Russia for Clinton’s loss

Consortium also re-posts the late Robert Parry’s strong coverage of the emerging narrative 2 years ago this week

–and Caitlin Johnston is typically blunt: “They were wrong, we were right”

–but stalwarts of the conspiracy theories press on: John Podesta, and Richard Wolffe

–and Neal Katyal speaks for the Dem chorus: release the full report

–after rocket from Gaza hits home in Israel, Netanyahu abruptly cancels his US campaign swing and AIPAC speech

–Mike Pence demagogues at AIPAC, demands removal of Rep. Ilhan Omar from Foreign Relations committee

–GOP works to divide Americans over Israel, with bill that attacks “dual loyalty” comment that Omar didn’t actually make; second bill would squelch campus speech that’s critical of Israel as “anti-Semitic”

–in London, an estimated one million protesters hit the streets, mostly opposing Brexit, as PM May dithers and time runs out