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PBC News & Comment: ‘Mueller Time’ Exposes Massive Media Malpractice

The partisan propaganda propelled by major corporate media outlets has undermined Fourth Estate, enabling Trump to demagogue about“Fake News”…--in fitting metaphor, Rachel Maddow was fishing in Tennessee Friday when Mueller delivered his report, and told Sen. Amy Klobuchar she hadn’t caught a single fish

--AG Bill Barr’s filter-and-spin summary deserves skepticism, and so does Mueller

--Barr says Mueller concluded that Russia hacked the DNC, offering no evidence, still

--many reporters I’ve respected soiled and sullied themselves promoting Russiagate, starting with Maddow and the MSNBC crew

--Trump reacts with anger and self-pity, partly justifiable

--Aaron Maté, who distinguished himself with critical reporting, serves up a video report at Grayzone Project

--Glenn Greenwald, opposite David Cay Johnston, hammers the propagandists, on Democracy Now

--at ConsortiumNews, editor Joe Lauria shares his pre-election prophecy about blaming Russia for Clinton’s loss

--Consortium also re-posts the late Robert Parry’s strong coverage of the emerging narrative 2 years ago this week

--and Caitlin Johnston is typically blunt: “They were wrong, we were right”

--but stalwarts of the conspiracy theories press on: John Podesta, and Richard Wolffe

--and Neal Katyal speaks for the Dem chorus: release the full report

--after rocket from Gaza hits home in Israel, Netanyahu abruptly cancels his US campaign swing and AIPAC speech

--Mike Pence demagogues at AIPAC, demands removal of Rep. Ilhan Omar from Foreign Relations committee

--GOP works to divide Americans over Israel, with bill that attacks “dual loyalty” comment that Omar didn’t actually make; second bill would squelch campus speech that’s critical of Israel as “anti-Semitic”

--in London, an estimated one million protesters hit the streets, mostly opposing Brexit, as PM May dithers and time runs out