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PBC News & Comment: Trump Moves to Hammer Dems With Russiagate

Unless Barr’s summary is misleading, Trump’s attacks on Dems and the media anchors who promoted Russiagate will benefit Individual 1….--pivoting to offense, White House demands resignation of Rep. Adam Schiff as Sen. Lindsey Graham wants to investigate Obama's FBI and DOJ people

--at NY Times, Farhad Manjoo slams corporate media without singling out NY Times

--at MintPress, Alan McLeod also calls out media malfeasance

--at ConsortiumNews, Caitlin Johnstone lists people to thank, starting with Maddow

--also at Consortium, Jonathan Cook offers 30,000-foot view

--eager to change the subject, Dems “pivot” to defend Obamacare from Texas lawsuit now embraced by Trump “Justice” Dept.

--in broadside to Medicare for All, NY Times report asks us to worry about the future of the predatory health insurance industry

--Trump teams with Netanyahu to divide Americans and meddle in Israeli election, as Bibi Skypes into AIPAC with attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar

--The Intercept’s Alex Kane exposes the role of Adam Milstein, a convicted fraudster, in funding pro-Israeli organizations that muzzle BDS and attack critics of Israel

--as expected, the House was unable to override Trump’s veto of the bill to kill his emergency decree to steal funding for The Wall

--not expected, all charges are dropped for TV actor Jussie Smollett

--TrumpCo defies judge’s order to release Palestinian ex-convict tied to Jose Padilla case after serving 15 years in prison

--updates on political prisoners Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange

--as taxi-killer Lyft readies an IPO for this week, its drivers are protesting pay cuts intended to show investors a path to profit

--controversial lawyer Michael Avenatti is charged with attempted extortion of Nike, and Mark Geragos is possible co-defendant

--Lithuanian man pleads guilty to scamming over $100 million from Google and Facebook