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PBC News & Comment: Facebook Says It Will Censor White Nationalist Content

My liberal Facebook friends cheer for plan to ban pro-white content after New Zealand shooting, but arbitrary censorship will make things worse…--in thoughtful analysis, Trevor Aaronson at The Intercept compares rhetoric with reality on prosecuting white extremists as “domestic terrorists”

--Russiagate promoters press on, as Rep. Adam Schiff says “undoubtedly there is collusion”

--Rachel Maddow and The Guardian continue to paint Maria Butina as a spy, despite the clear takedown by James Bamford, here

--but at The Nation, Aaron Maté is clear and convincing

--British PM May says “Give me Brexit, and I will resign”

--Venezuela hit by 4th major blackout

--just in time for approaching election, India’s Modi announces successful shootdown of satellite in space

--MintPress reports on testimony of former Ukrainian spy who says Ukraine was involved in shootdown of MH-17

--North Korean dissident group claims responsibility for Madrid embassy incident last month

--43 Dem senators voted “present” in reaction to McConnell’s “gotcha” vote on Green New Deal

--Supreme Court hears arguments on 2 gerrymandering cases, and Brett Kavanaugh seems interested

--DemPrez briefs: Pete Buttigieg places 3rd in Iowa poll; Joe Biden regrets Anita Hill’s treatment; Beto O’Rourke faces questions about charter schools; Kamala Harris makes age an issue and wants to give teachers a raise; Gillibrand releases tax return; Elizabeth Warren attacks NRA; Bernie Sanders draws big crowds in West Coast swing; Cory Booker faces questions about zero tolerance policing in Newark,

--and Les Leopold says, “beware the moderate Democrat” (with thanks to Jerry Fresia)

--here in San Francisco, Giants’ president Larry Baer is suspended by MLB after altercation with his wife