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PBC News & Comment: Facebook Says It Will Censor White Nationalist Content

My liberal Facebook friends cheer for plan to ban pro-white content after New Zealand shooting, but arbitrary censorship will make things worse…–in thoughtful analysis, Trevor Aaronson at The Intercept compares rhetoric with reality on prosecuting white extremists as “domestic terrorists”

–Russiagate promoters press on, as Rep. Adam Schiff says “undoubtedly there is collusion”

–Rachel Maddow and The Guardian continue to paint Maria Butina as a spy, despite the clear takedown by James Bamford, here

–but at The Nation, Aaron Maté is clear and convincing

–British PM May says “Give me Brexit, and I will resign”

–Venezuela hit by 4th major blackout

–just in time for approaching election, India’s Modi announces successful shootdown of satellite in space

MintPress reports on testimony of former Ukrainian spy who says Ukraine was involved in shootdown of MH-17

–North Korean dissident group claims responsibility for Madrid embassy incident last month

–43 Dem senators voted “present” in reaction to McConnell’s “gotcha” vote on Green New Deal

–Supreme Court hears arguments on 2 gerrymandering cases, and Brett Kavanaugh seems interested

–DemPrez briefs: Pete Buttigieg places 3rd in Iowa poll; Joe Biden regrets Anita Hill’s treatment; Beto O’Rourke faces questions about charter schools; Kamala Harris makes age an issue and wants to give teachers a raise; Gillibrand releases tax return; Elizabeth Warren attacks NRA; Bernie Sanders draws big crowds in West Coast swing; Cory Booker faces questions about zero tolerance policing in Newark,

–and Les Leopold says, “beware the moderate Democrat” (with thanks to Jerry Fresia)

–here in San Francisco, Giants’ president Larry Baer is suspended by MLB after altercation with his wife