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PBC News & Comment: Russiagators Use Mueller Report to Sustain Denial

Corporate media outlets go wall-to-wall on Mueller report, ignoring their massive failures and clinging to myths they launched…–your humble host says it’s time to take the halo off St. Bob Mueller, and admit that this was an elaborate “limited hangout” investigation

–PBC comments on the part of the report covering the Russian information campaign, and how Mueller used his 7/13/18 indictment as the evidence for alleged Russian hacking of DNC

–Trump’s ass was saved from some obstruction attempts by appointees who refused to obey his orders

NY Times uses misleading headlines and double-truck graphic to detail “Russian contacts” that Mueller found weren’t criminal or conspiratorial

Buzzfeed issues long-winded clarification of its false report that Trump “directed” Cohen to lie to Congress

–Glenn Greenwald lowers the boom on the Russiagate conspiracists

–Kevin Gosztola says it’s “time to reckon with Clinton Democrats who pushed Russiagate

–Chairman Nadler subpoenas unredacted report, and dances around impeachment

–AOC and Maxine Waters lead Dem calls for impeachment, and even W.’s torture lawyer John Yoo says impeachment is the proper recourse