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PBC News & Comment: Russiagators Use Mueller Report to Sustain Denial

Corporate media outlets go wall-to-wall on Mueller report, ignoring their massive failures and clinging to myths they launched…--your humble host says it’s time to take the halo off St. Bob Mueller, and admit that this was an elaborate “limited hangout” investigation

--PBC comments on the part of the report covering the Russian information campaign, and how Mueller used his 7/13/18 indictment as the evidence for alleged Russian hacking of DNC

--Trump’s ass was saved from some obstruction attempts by appointees who refused to obey his orders

--NY Times uses misleading headlines and double-truck graphic to detail “Russian contacts” that Mueller found weren’t criminal or conspiratorial

--Buzzfeed issues long-winded clarification of its false report that Trump “directed” Cohen to lie to Congress

--Glenn Greenwald lowers the boom on the Russiagate conspiracists

--Kevin Gosztola says it’s “time to reckon with Clinton Democrats who pushed Russiagate

--Chairman Nadler subpoenas unredacted report, and dances around impeachment

--AOC and Maxine Waters lead Dem calls for impeachment, and even W.’s torture lawyer John Yoo says impeachment is the proper recourse