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In-Depth Interview: Activist Danny Altman Introduces Airlift, Funding for Grassroots Progressive Groups

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Danny Altman has helped develop Airlift, which steers contributions to progressive community organizations, working for longterm political change.After the 2016 election, a “resistance” group was formed, Mill Valley Community Action Network, and one project of MVCAN is Airlift.  The website is here.

Airlift is working with 17 groups in different parts of the country, which are focused on a range of issues and causes.  Airlift has vetted the groups, in an effort to provide a “Consumer Reports” for progressive activists.

We talk about the frustration that many people experience after donating to political candidates and campaigns, which fade pretty quickly after election day.

We reference the “inside/outside” strategy articulated by the late Tim Carpenter, a founder of Progressive Democrats of America.  Airlift uses a bottom-up approach to drive change, engage potential and occasional voters, and develop a new generation of progressive leaders.

Altman thumbnails some of the projects they support, and we underscore the need for election integrity that addresses election fraud, not the phony claims of voter fraud.