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In-Depth Interview: Former NSA Tech Director Bill Binney Scours Mueller Report for Hacking Evidence


After a careful review of the Mueller report, looking for evidence of Russian hacking, Binney asks, “where’s the beef?”…Bill Binney returns to the podcast today for an in-depth look at Mueller’s report.  You can access the redacted version here, and follow along as we cite passages and discuss them.

We open with Binney’s overview of the report, and talk briefly about the section on the “Russian influence” campaign, and agree that Mueller has exaggerated the level and impact of Russian efforts in 2016.  We note that Mueller uses his indictment of Russian agents on 7.13.18 (which is not evidence, just charges) as evidence of the online and social media efforts, along with news media accounts that were based on leaks and innuendo.

Then, we go page by page through Section III, Russian Hacking and Dumping Operations.  Binney’s key takeaway is that neither Mueller investigators nor the FBI ever had access to the DNC servers, and that means that Mueller relied on Crowdstrike for his findings.

Near the end, Binney responds to some questions emailed by listener and subscriber Brian Masi about technical details of Binney’s information about download speeds.  Binney alerts us that his group, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, will soon release a memo on the Mueller report.