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PBC News & Comment: Federal Judge Strikes Down Mandatory Pro-Israel Oath in Texas

Texas is one of 26 states that violate First Amendment with laws requiring pledge not to support BDS targeting Israel….–Glenn Greenwald delivers great coverage and commentary at The Intercept

–Kevin Gosztola reports that federal appeals court has upheld First Amendment rights of undocumented activists

–Kansas Supreme Court blocks unconstitutional abortion law in 6-1 vote

–federal appeals court orders Michigan legislature to redraw Gerrymandered district maps

–NY detective is accused of framing suspects in drug cases, suspended without pay after being charged with 16 counts including perjury

–despite astounding charges of white supremacist terror scheme, prosecutors haven’t charged Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Hasson, and judge frees him on bail

–the struggle to protect state courthouses from ICE arrests takes dark turn, as Massachusetts judge and bailiff are accused of obstruction of justice

–on loan from Boeing, acting Pentagon boss signs order to allow troops at border to do menial chores

–as Mexico turns back 15,000 northbound migrants, 1,000 break out of makeshift detention center in Chiapas, many are Cubans

–Aaron Maté unpacks the Mueller report, says it indicts the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory

–Maria Butina, sentenced today to 18 months, continues to draw yellow journalism from NY Times and WashPost, ignoring James Bamford’s detailed debunking 2 months ago

–Rod Rosenstein gets ready to exit “Justice” Dept., offers rambling self-defense in speech at Yale Club in NYC

–in splashy pander to NRA convention, Trump signs order to kill Arms Trade Treaty that could increase US sales of conventional weapons to countries that violate human rights

–on day 2 of his presidential campaign, Joe Biden claims over $6 million in donations, and lamely tries to explain his Anita Hill “apology” on The View

–in launch video, Biden appealed to decency on race; Trump counters with racism and lies, with about equal effect

–in Guardian oped, Arwa Manaawi reveals Biden’s disconnect, as he tries to feed nostalgia for the good ole days