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PBC News & Comment: Federal Judge Strikes Down Mandatory Pro-Israel Oath in Texas

Texas is one of 26 states that violate First Amendment with laws requiring pledge not to support BDS targeting Israel….--Glenn Greenwald delivers great coverage and commentary at The Intercept

--Kevin Gosztola reports that federal appeals court has upheld First Amendment rights of undocumented activists

--Kansas Supreme Court blocks unconstitutional abortion law in 6-1 vote

--federal appeals court orders Michigan legislature to redraw Gerrymandered district maps

--NY detective is accused of framing suspects in drug cases, suspended without pay after being charged with 16 counts including perjury

--despite astounding charges of white supremacist terror scheme, prosecutors haven’t charged Coast Guard Lt. Christopher Hasson, and judge frees him on bail

--the struggle to protect state courthouses from ICE arrests takes dark turn, as Massachusetts judge and bailiff are accused of obstruction of justice

--on loan from Boeing, acting Pentagon boss signs order to allow troops at border to do menial chores

--as Mexico turns back 15,000 northbound migrants, 1,000 break out of makeshift detention center in Chiapas, many are Cubans

--Aaron Maté unpacks the Mueller report, says it indicts the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory

--Maria Butina, sentenced today to 18 months, continues to draw yellow journalism from NY Times and WashPost, ignoring James Bamford’s detailed debunking 2 months ago

--Rod Rosenstein gets ready to exit “Justice” Dept., offers rambling self-defense in speech at Yale Club in NYC

--in splashy pander to NRA convention, Trump signs order to kill Arms Trade Treaty that could increase US sales of conventional weapons to countries that violate human rights

--on day 2 of his presidential campaign, Joe Biden claims over $6 million in donations, and lamely tries to explain his Anita Hill “apology” on The View

--in launch video, Biden appealed to decency on race; Trump counters with racism and lies, with about equal effect

--in Guardian oped, Arwa Manaawi reveals Biden’s disconnect, as he tries to feed nostalgia for the good ole days