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PBC News & Comment: Berkeley Journalism Dean Speaks Up for Assange

In strong NY Times oped, UC Berkeley Journalism Dean Ed Wasserman makes the case for supporting Assange, nationwide protests planned…--read the column here

--rally and march planned for this Friday in San Francisco

--climate change expert Prof. Guy McPherson shares dire prediction of human extinction as soon as 2030 in new in-depth interview in audio and video

--Buzzfeed editor Shannon Keating toggles between hope and despair over climate change, and expresses it well in this commentary

--PBC offers rare comment on Game of Thrones, where the human reaction to impending certain death in battle of Winterfell is instructive

--shooting at synagogue near San Diego is latest event in long history of white supremacy in southern California, says Brooke Binkowski

--FBI was tipped to the assault after citizen reported 8Chan posting by accused shooter just 5 minutes before he opened fire

--the agencies set up to protect us from terrorism were monitoring peaceful First Amendment protests of Trump’s family separation last year

--after Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted sympathy, she was hammered by Ted Cruz and Meaghan McCain, who repeated false tropes about Omar

--last week in the Silicon Valley town of Sunnyvale, an African American veteran with PTSD mowed down 8 people he thought were Muslims, then said “Thank you, Jesus”

--in leadership duel (without pistols) at NRA, Oliver North is forced out as president

--new milestone for Trump: 10,000 lies in 828 days

--keeping Russiagate alive, James Risen sees “sprawling Russian spy game”

--while, at Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi says the press will learn nothing from Russiagate

--AG Bill Barr is balking at testifying this week, joining other TrumpCo appointees in obstruction of Congress

-new poll shows 56% of Americans oppose impeachment, but 70% of black voters support it