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PBC News & Comment: Berkeley Journalism Dean Speaks Up for Assange

In strong NY Times oped, UC Berkeley Journalism Dean Ed Wasserman makes the case for supporting Assange, nationwide protests planned…–read the column here

–rally and march planned for this Friday in San Francisco

–climate change expert Prof. Guy McPherson shares dire prediction of human extinction as soon as 2030 in new in-depth interview in audio and video

Buzzfeed editor Shannon Keating toggles between hope and despair over climate change, and expresses it well in this commentary

–PBC offers rare comment on Game of Thrones, where the human reaction to impending certain death in battle of Winterfell is instructive

–shooting at synagogue near San Diego is latest event in long history of white supremacy in southern California, says Brooke Binkowski

–FBI was tipped to the assault after citizen reported 8Chan posting by accused shooter just 5 minutes before he opened fire

–the agencies set up to protect us from terrorism were monitoring peaceful First Amendment protests of Trump’s family separation last year

–after Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted sympathy, she was hammered by Ted Cruz and Meaghan McCain, who repeated false tropes about Omar

–last week in the Silicon Valley town of Sunnyvale, an African American veteran with PTSD mowed down 8 people he thought were Muslims, then said “Thank you, Jesus”

–in leadership duel (without pistols) at NRA, Oliver North is forced out as president

–new milestone for Trump: 10,000 lies in 828 days

keeping Russiagate alive, James Risen sees “sprawling Russian spy game”

–while, at Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi says the press will learn nothing from Russiagate

–AG Bill Barr is balking at testifying this week, joining other TrumpCo appointees in obstruction of Congress

-new poll shows 56% of Americans oppose impeachment, but 70% of black voters support it