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In-Depth Interview: Controversial Climate Scientist Guy McPherson Says Humans Will Be Extinct By 2030

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Prof. Guy McPherson is a longtime climate scientist, and his “inconvenient” prediction is that human extinction will occur by 2030.You can listen to this podcast audio, or watch the video interview here. You can check out McPherson’s blog and radio program here.

Guy McPherson began studying climate science in the 1980’s, and now believes that humans face “near term extinction” as early as 2030.  In this interview for Marin TV, McPherson explains that warming will accelerate due to melting permafrost, warming of the oceans, and the “aerosol effect” that leaves us in a “damned if we do, damned if we don’t” position as we attempt to address the looming crisis.

Despite his dire message, McPherson is not an alarmist, and is trying to educate the public without being hysterical.  When presented with Vanessa Keith’s blueprints for adaptation in her book, 2100: A Dystopian Utopia, he responds, “Ah, the 2100 canard” and explains that he doesn’t think humankind will respond to the threats in any meaningful way, even if the timeframe is moved up.

While McPherson says he’d be very surprised if any humans survive past 2030, he accepted my invitation to meet for dinner on Earth Day, 2030.