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PBC News & Comment: Guaido Sets Off New Coup Attempt in Venezuela

US-led regime change scheme gets new life, as opposition leader Guaido and some defecting troops attempt to take over airfield near Caracas…–the lack of opposition or skepticism in the US is appalling

–respected economists Mark Weisbrot and Jeffrey Sachs estimate that US sanctions have already led to 40,000 deaths

–Blackwater founder Erik Prince has been peddling his plan to knock off Maduro with 5,000 mercenary troops

–the same Erik Prince is being referred to Justice Dept. for investigation of perjury to Intel Committee over Sychelles meeting in 2016

–FBI busts up another domestic terror plot that involved its paid informants

–Amazon leads the list of profitable corporations that paid zero tax and even got rebates in 2018

–Trump said the average taxpayer would gain $4,000 annually from his tax cuts, but it’s only $233

–Walmart workers suffer low pay and hostility from shoppers, says reporter Hugo Meunier, who worked undercover at Walmart and wrote a book about it

–Rod Rosenstein exits Justice Dept with air kisses for Trump

–Putin calls Maria Butina’s jail sentence “outrageous”

–public radio warns Americans to avoid becoming Russian agents

–Trump’s latest immigration policy is to charge a fee to destitute migrants who seek asylum

–Ecuador’s envoy to London who served during Assange’s asylum debunks accusations of bad behavior

–Gitmo commander who called for upgrading facilities to handle aging prisoners is sacked 7 weeks before end of his tour

–so far, 4 of the 20 Dem prez candidates don’t meet the requirements to join first debates at end of June

–Peter Daou, who was an aggressive staffer for Hillary Clinton in 2016, urges Dems not to block Bernie