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PBC News & Comment: Guaido Sets Off New Coup Attempt in Venezuela

US-led regime change scheme gets new life, as opposition leader Guaido and some defecting troops attempt to take over airfield near Caracas…--the lack of opposition or skepticism in the US is appalling

--respected economists Mark Weisbrot and Jeffrey Sachs estimate that US sanctions have already led to 40,000 deaths

--Blackwater founder Erik Prince has been peddling his plan to knock off Maduro with 5,000 mercenary troops

--the same Erik Prince is being referred to Justice Dept. for investigation of perjury to Intel Committee over Sychelles meeting in 2016

--FBI busts up another domestic terror plot that involved its paid informants

--Amazon leads the list of profitable corporations that paid zero tax and even got rebates in 2018

--Trump said the average taxpayer would gain $4,000 annually from his tax cuts, but it’s only $233

--Walmart workers suffer low pay and hostility from shoppers, says reporter Hugo Meunier, who worked undercover at Walmart and wrote a book about it

--Rod Rosenstein exits Justice Dept with air kisses for Trump

--Putin calls Maria Butina’s jail sentence “outrageous”

--public radio warns Americans to avoid becoming Russian agents

--Trump’s latest immigration policy is to charge a fee to destitute migrants who seek asylum

--Ecuador’s envoy to London who served during Assange’s asylum debunks accusations of bad behavior

--Gitmo commander who called for upgrading facilities to handle aging prisoners is sacked 7 weeks before end of his tour

--so far, 4 of the 20 Dem prez candidates don’t meet the requirements to join first debates at end of June

--Peter Daou, who was an aggressive staffer for Hillary Clinton in 2016, urges Dems not to block Bernie