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PBC News & Comment: US Media Are Marketing Regime Change in Venezuela

FAIR’s 3-month review of major media outlets shows almost universal support for ousting Maduro…no dissent is permitted or even acknowledged…–read FAIR’s report here

WashPost and NY Times support the coup, and admit it’s not working, while repeating false, unproven claims about 2018 election and ignoring Guaido’s lack of legitimacy

–America’s top diplomat threatens war while spreading the lie that Maduro was ready to flee to exile in Cuba but Russia stopped him

–only one major official defected yesterday, despite Bolton’s risky move to name top Maduro appointees he said have agreed to defect

Mueller’s letter to Bill Barr objecting to Barr’s spin job dominates Senate hearing, as Barr demonstrates he’s skillful at being slippery

–former FBI director Comey posts remarkable oped explaining how “Trump eats your soul in small bites”

–Julian Assange draws 50-week sentence in Britain for jumping bail as VIPS memo argues against extradition to US for trial

–PBC will participate in a rally supporting Assange this Friday, May 3 at 4pm at British Consulate in San Francisco at 1 Sansome Street

–Trump’s new wall—stonewalling Congress—alarms many Democratic leaders who have been throwing cold water on calls for impeachment

–TrumpCo will tell Congress to extend domestic surveillance without expiration date

–Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) shows courage in new bill that would block Israel from using US funds for detention, interrogation or torture of Palestinian children

–PBC says to keep an eye on Indivisible, which is gathering pledges from presidential candidates to support the nominee, and running a vindictive campaign to “cancel Kirstjen Nielsen”