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PBC News & Comment: John Lindh is Freed From Federal Prison

With no last-minute intervention from Trump administration, John Lindh walks out of Terre Haute prison after 17 years of incarceration….--here’s a video interview with John’s father, Frank Lindh from 2013

--markets slide again as Trump‘s China trade war has no end in sight; Hollywood is next to feel the pain

--Harvard professor Jeffrey Frankel tallies the damage in op-ed

--draconian abortion law in Georgia leads film producers to pull out of Peach State

--in extremely personal column, Michelle Alexander shares her rape at Stanford and the abortion that followed

--Alabama House passes an even more grotesque abortion bill

--as Trump considers pardons for accused and convicted military war criminals, military leaders and Pete Buttigieg raise strong objections

--Pelosi says Trump wants to be impeached and ”exonerated” by the Senate, and she is still resisting

--Trump lost another court case that attempted to block subpoena for bank records

--the banker who loaned Paul Manafort $16 million is charged with trying to trade the loans for an appointment by Trump

--former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tells House committee, in polite terms, that Trump was unprepared for meeting with Putin

--CBS News exposes death of 10-year-old migrant girls last year, which was not reported previously

--pipeline protesters are fighting new laws that criminalize pipeline protests

--Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio offers bill to end the rules that make the Post Office look insolvent

--Caitlin Johnstone notes that the US is accusing Syria of new chemical attacks as new information undermines similar claims last year in Douma

--in excellent report, Whitney Webb at MintPress reports that newly released FBI photos of “dancing Israelis” suggest Israel knew about 9/11 attacks in advance

--NY Times recently asserted that opposition to 5g wireless is driven by Russia, but US agency NOAA says 5G will interfere with critical weather forecasting