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PBC News & Comment: John Lindh is Freed From Federal Prison

With no last-minute intervention from Trump administration, John Lindh walks out of Terre Haute prison after 17 years of incarceration….–here’s a video interview with John’s father, Frank Lindh from 2013

–markets slide again as Trump‘s China trade war has no end in sight; Hollywood is next to feel the pain

–Harvard professor Jeffrey Frankel tallies the damage in op-ed

–draconian abortion law in Georgia leads film producers to pull out of Peach State

–in extremely personal column, Michelle Alexander shares her rape at Stanford and the abortion that followed

–Alabama House passes an even more grotesque abortion bill

–as Trump considers pardons for accused and convicted military war criminals, military leaders and Pete Buttigieg raise strong objections

–Pelosi says Trump wants to be impeached and ”exonerated” by the Senate, and she is still resisting

–Trump lost another court case that attempted to block subpoena for bank records

–the banker who loaned Paul Manafort $16 million is charged with trying to trade the loans for an appointment by Trump

–former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tells House committee, in polite terms, that Trump was unprepared for meeting with Putin

CBS News exposes death of 10-year-old migrant girls last year, which was not reported previously

–pipeline protesters are fighting new laws that criminalize pipeline protests

–Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio offers bill to end the rules that make the Post Office look insolvent

–Caitlin Johnstone notes that the US is accusing Syria of new chemical attacks as new information undermines similar claims last year in Douma

–in excellent report, Whitney Webb at MintPress reports that newly released FBI photos of “dancing Israelis” suggest Israel knew about 9/11 attacks in advance

NY Times recently asserted that opposition to 5g wireless is driven by Russia, but US agency NOAA says 5G will interfere with critical weather forecasting