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PBC News & Comment: In London, Trump Meddles in British Prime Minister Race

Displaying equal parts arrogance and ignorance, Trump promotes Brexiters Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, targets National Health Service for privatization….--Day 2 of awkward moments, as Farage is fingered for payoffs during Brexit campaign, just 2 hours before he met with Stable Genius

--lame duck Theresa May squirms at press conference where Trump targets NHS, and he says tariffs on Mexico’s exports will go into effect next week

--a Trump-appointed federal judge in DC evades his responsibility, says he won’t take sides in dispute between Congress and president

--civil rights groups press federal judge in Maryland to update his ruling in challenge to citizenship question in census, as new evidence of bias just surfaced

--PBS Newshour reporters are reading portions of the Mueller report to viewers, as the Gospel of St. Bob, with no skeptics, critics or questions allowed

--over 2 dozen groups send letter to Pelosi demanding impeachment

--Swedish court rules against extradition of Assange over sex charges

--on Fox “News” town hall, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand slams Fox over its false coverage of infanticide, and Chris Wallace thought she was impolite

--Joe Biden unveils climate plan that embraces Green New Deal elements but does not address fracking

--detailed study by French economist Thomas Piketty shows that centrist Dem presidential candidates will lose, because voters won’t turn out

--excellent report in The Guardian shows violent crime has dropped by 30% here in the Bay Area over the past 10 years

--former GOP speaker John Boehner has traded merlot for marijuana

--that North Korean negotiator—Kim Yong Chol—was reported to be dead or in a labor camp last week, not the first false report about North Korea

--Gareth Porter continues to expose unproven claims by Bolton and others that Iran is to blame for recent events used to support US intervention

--and at MintPress, Whitney Webb argues that Russiagate has morphed Democrats into regime change supporters for Iran, Venezuela

--Syrian war continues as US supplies anti-tank TOW missiles to Turkey, Ben Norton reports at Grayzone

--as Netanyahu battles to hold on to power, Crown Prince Jared delays his “peace plan” again, after Pompeo admitted it’s perceived as pro-Israel

--on Sunday, Kushner insulted Palestinians with doubts they can self-govern

--after anti-diplomacy like breaching the nuclear deal and imposing sanctions on Iran, Pompeo says US is ready to talk but Iranians aren’t interested

--Pompeo and Kushner will join Kissinger and Stacey Abrams (really?) in annual meeting of rich fuckers, the Bilderberg group