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PBC News & Comment: In London, Trump Meddles in British Prime Minister Race

Displaying equal parts arrogance and ignorance, Trump promotes Brexiters Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, targets National Health Service for privatization….–Day 2 of awkward moments, as Farage is fingered for payoffs during Brexit campaign, just 2 hours before he met with Stable Genius

–lame duck Theresa May squirms at press conference where Trump targets NHS, and he says tariffs on Mexico’s exports will go into effect next week

–a Trump-appointed federal judge in DC evades his responsibility, says he won’t take sides in dispute between Congress and president

–civil rights groups press federal judge in Maryland to update his ruling in challenge to citizenship question in census, as new evidence of bias just surfaced

PBS Newshour reporters are reading portions of the Mueller report to viewers, as the Gospel of St. Bob, with no skeptics, critics or questions allowed

–over 2 dozen groups send letter to Pelosi demanding impeachment

–Swedish court rules against extradition of Assange over sex charges

–on Fox “News” town hall, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand slams Fox over its false coverage of infanticide, and Chris Wallace thought she was impolite

–Joe Biden unveils climate plan that embraces Green New Deal elements but does not address fracking

detailed study by French economist Thomas Piketty shows that centrist Dem presidential candidates will lose, because voters won’t turn out

excellent report in The Guardian shows violent crime has dropped by 30% here in the Bay Area over the past 10 years

–former GOP speaker John Boehner has traded merlot for marijuana

–that North Korean negotiator—Kim Yong Chol—was reported to be dead or in a labor camp last week, not the first false report about North Korea

–Gareth Porter continues to expose unproven claims by Bolton and others that Iran is to blame for recent events used to support US intervention

–and at MintPress, Whitney Webb argues that Russiagate has morphed Democrats into regime change supporters for Iran, Venezuela

–Syrian war continues as US supplies anti-tank TOW missiles to Turkey, Ben Norton reports at Grayzone

–as Netanyahu battles to hold on to power, Crown Prince Jared delays his “peace plan” again, after Pompeo admitted it’s perceived as pro-Israel

–on Sunday, Kushner insulted Palestinians with doubts they can self-govern

–after anti-diplomacy like breaching the nuclear deal and imposing sanctions on Iran, Pompeo says US is ready to talk but Iranians aren’t interested

–Pompeo and Kushner will join Kissinger and Stacey Abrams (really?) in annual meeting of rich fuckers, the Bilderberg group