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In-Depth Interview: Comic Lee Camp Gets Serious About Press Freedom and Julian Assange

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Lee Camp, host of the comedy news show, Redacted Tonight on RT, returns to talk about the 18 ways that Julian Assange changed the world.Camp penned an essay about the importance of WikiLeaks and Assange at MintPress, which you should read, here.  Follow Camp’s other antics here.

In this serious, sometimes humorous exchange, Camp talks about the importance of press freedom, and recounts some of the 18 ways that Wikileaks has changed key narratives by exposing secret information.  He notes the hypocrisy of corporate outlets from the NY Times to MSNBC, which quibbled about Assange being a journalist until the indictment was amended with 17 counts under the Espionage Act.

We also touch on the regime change intentions of Trump etal for Iran and Venezuela, and the need for an organization like Wikileaks.  And Camp gives us a preview for his show this week.