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PBC News & Comment: Trump Stokes Mob Chanting “Send Her Back”, Now Claims He Disapproves

At NC mob rally , Trump slams Rep. Ilhan Omar, beams at hateful chanting; hours later, he gaslights his fake disapproval….--GOP House leaders adopt Trump’s gutter tactics, will demagogue 2020 races

--Democrats caught flat-footed, rely on denunciation to counter Trump

--to her credit, Omar is unbowed, and introduces bill to protect our right to boycott

--in puzzling conclusion, federal judge in NY ends the investigation of Trump violations of campaign laws in hush-money deals, but releases damaging documents

--as expected, Jeffrey Epstein is denied bail, and corporate media keep the focus only on Trump, not Bill Clinton or Alan Dershowitz

--at MintPress, Whitney Webb posts first part of series on Epstein, suspecting he has blackmailed his pals who used his underage girls

--in lengthy rant, U of Pittsburgh Prof. Michael Brenner has some strong, accurate criticism of Trump and the Democrats’ response; read his essay here: Brenner.7.19.19

--as predicted, Pelosi killed the latest impeachment resolution by “tabling” it

--Sen. Schumer tells House progressives he was surprised that Pelosi didn’t try to amend the border bill, the issue underlying her attack on The Squad

--House passes moderate bill to raise minimum wage to $15 over 6 years

--Buzzfeed shows it’s a reliable defender of the Deep State, calling investigation of Lyme disease origins “bizarre conspiracy theory”

--new report lifts many redactions from 2014 Senate torture report, as Andy Worthington reports

--after DNA geneology was used to locate alleged killers, we have the first case of a man exonerated based on such evidence

--in Europe, lots of people still smoke cigarettes, even though packaging includes grisly images of cancer