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PBC News & Comment: Trump Stokes Mob Chanting “Send Her Back”, Now Claims He Disapproves

At NC mob rally , Trump slams Rep. Ilhan Omar, beams at hateful chanting; hours later, he gaslights his fake disapproval….–GOP House leaders adopt Trump’s gutter tactics, will demagogue 2020 races

–Democrats caught flat-footed, rely on denunciation to counter Trump

–to her credit, Omar is unbowed, and introduces bill to protect our right to boycott

–in puzzling conclusion, federal judge in NY ends the investigation of Trump violations of campaign laws in hush-money deals, but releases damaging documents

–as expected, Jeffrey Epstein is denied bail, and corporate media keep the focus only on Trump, not Bill Clinton or Alan Dershowitz

–at MintPress, Whitney Webb posts first part of series on Epstein, suspecting he has blackmailed his pals who used his underage girls

–in lengthy rant, U of Pittsburgh Prof. Michael Brenner has some strong, accurate criticism of Trump and the Democrats’ response; read his essay here: Brenner.7.19.19

–as predicted, Pelosi killed the latest impeachment resolution by “tabling” it

–Sen. Schumer tells House progressives he was surprised that Pelosi didn’t try to amend the border bill, the issue underlying her attack on The Squad

–House passes moderate bill to raise minimum wage to $15 over 6 years

Buzzfeed shows it’s a reliable defender of the Deep State, calling investigation of Lyme disease origins “bizarre conspiracy theory”

–new report lifts many redactions from 2014 Senate torture report, as Andy Worthington reports

–after DNA geneology was used to locate alleged killers, we have the first case of a man exonerated based on such evidence

–in Europe, lots of people still smoke cigarettes, even though packaging includes grisly images of cancer