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PBC News & Comment: Iran Denies US Shot Down Drone, Opens Door to New Talks

Iran denies Trump’s claim that US shot down a drone on Thursday, as Iranian hard-liners signal willingness to new talks…..--former Iranian president Ahmadinejad tells NY Times he supports direct talks if sanctions are lifted, rewarding Trump for irrational behavior

--retired Army Col. Ann Wright cites military and religious leaders who oppose war with Iran

--after pretending to criticize his mob chanting “send her back” to Rep. Ilhan Omar, Trump says his mobs are “people that love our country”

--16,000 people told the NY Times they’ve been told to “go back”

--in opinion column, old school Republican David Brooks says it’s Trump who hates America

--pedophile investigator Nick Bryant, who has Jeffrey Epstein’s “black book”, tells Vanity Fair “a lot of powerful people could go down”

--listen to PBC interview with Bryant about the Franklin scandal here

--Trump campaign insider George Nader indicting for child pron and trafficking a minor

--in new audio/video podcast, environmental journalist and author Mark Schapiro talks about seeds and the fight to save our food supply; watch the video here

--new study shows that immigration leads to terrorism, by white nationalist extremists

--white collar drug lords profited from sale of more than 76 billion opioid pills, and unlike El Chapo, they are still at large

--Dems hammer Homeland Security boss as GOP members blame Democrats for the “crisis”

--Trump expected to nominate Eugene Scalia—son of former Justice and proven enemy of workers—to head Labor Dept.

--labor dispute continues in Bernie Sanders campaign, as union members try to negotiate a contract they can live with

--San Francisco judge quashes search warrant served on reporter, correcting a major blunder

--weekend read: Evan Greer makes a strong case that facial recognition should be banned; here's the link to The Intercept story mentioned