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PBC News & Comment: Exposed: Kamala Harris’ San Francisco Rise, Joe Biden’s Iraq Lies

Politico offers deep, accurate account of Kamala's early years, and Prof. Stephen Zunes delivers well-researched contradictions of Joe's debate lies....

--Harris climbed the social ladder in San Francisco with big boosts from boyfriend Willie Brown, as Michael Kruse details

--University of San Francisco professor of politics Zunes hasn't forgotten Biden's over-the-top support for Bush's war in Iraq
--new Iowa poll shows Warren surging, and enables Yang and Castro to join September debates
--Warren leads candidates in demanding Walmart end gun sales after Missouri man legally carried "tactical weapons" and 100 rounds of ammo into Walmart store
--Trump and McConnell make noises about allowing vote on background checks, but they need to ask the NRA first
--my local mayor has ordered flags kept at half-mast until Congress takes action
--"red flag" laws are promoted as a tool to reduce gun violence
--a knife was the weapon of a mass killer in Garden Grove, CA, who killed 4 people before he was arrested
--notorious Charles Manson, who was defined by prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, gets a re-write from journalist Tom O'Neill in fascinating podcast interview with Jeff Schectman
--as mentioned here yesterday, we can confirm that no employers were rounded up in ICE sweep in Mississippi this week
--in fact-checking Tucker Carlson's "Russia hoax" comment, NY Times lies about "Russian interference" in election systems; new report from The Verge shows big security vulnerabilities
--is it wrong to name and shame Trump donors? Boycott of Steve Ross companies is called harassment
--Antifa's doxxing of Proud Boys used in prosecution for NY street brawl, but cops can't identify Antifa squad
--in Venezuela, Maduro halts Barbados talks with opposition after Trump's new sanctions, which UN commissioner slams the sanctions
--electrical blackout hit large portions of England and Wales today
--Russia claims incident at missile test site didn't release radiation, but locals made a run on iodine, which suggests otherwise
--Brazilian court defends Glenn Greenwald's right to publish dirt on Bolsonaro and Judge Moro
--reporter Carey Gillam details how Monsanto attacked her for writing about Roundup
--released court documents show that Ghislaine Maxwell pimped young girls for Jeffrey Epstein, and herself, and her accuser says Trump didn't participate, at least to her knowledge