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PBC News & Comment: In Jailhouse ‘Suicide’, We See New Version of Epstein-Barr Syndrome

Epstein is reported dead in his cell, and AG Bill Barr un-recuses himself to slam “serious irregularities” at NYC prison….--as millions express skepticism, corporate media tries to police the borders of “conspiracy theories” and force acceptance of official narrative

--my colleague Russ Baker at WhoWhatWhy says skepticism is warranted

--author David Talbot, who has exposed many government conspiracies, calls it a “politically necessary execution”

--Aussie pundit Caitlin Johnstone says “everyone’s a conspiracy theorist

--in report on domestic terrorism, NY Times ignores FBI frame-ups of Muslims and focuses on failure to address dangerous white extremists

--after 14 years, a victim of FBI entrapment, Hamid Hayat, is released from prison

--Guatemala elects hardline president who pledges authoritarian rule, and he is opposed to Trump’s incoherent asylum plan

--Italy moves to avoid accepting migrants stranded on the Mediterranean

--Russia admits that 7 were killed at weapons plant, speculation mounts that a test of new class of nuclear-powered missiles blew up

--Hong Kong protests continue, airport shut down by protesters

--Friday night, Anthony Scaramucci was largely coherent on Maher show, now suggests GOP dump Trump in 2020

--Trump pledged to revoke 2 regulations for every new one, and it’s ugly