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PBC News & Comment: In Jailhouse ‘Suicide’, We See New Version of Epstein-Barr Syndrome

Epstein is reported dead in his cell, and AG Bill Barr un-recuses himself to slam “serious irregularities” at NYC prison….–as millions express skepticism, corporate media tries to police the borders of “conspiracy theories” and force acceptance of official narrative

–my colleague Russ Baker at WhoWhatWhy says skepticism is warranted

–author David Talbot, who has exposed many government conspiracies, calls it a “politically necessary execution”

–Aussie pundit Caitlin Johnstone says “everyone’s a conspiracy theorist

–in report on domestic terrorism, NY Times ignores FBI frame-ups of Muslims and focuses on failure to address dangerous white extremists

–after 14 years, a victim of FBI entrapment, Hamid Hayat, is released from prison

–Guatemala elects hardline president who pledges authoritarian rule, and he is opposed to Trump’s incoherent asylum plan

–Italy moves to avoid accepting migrants stranded on the Mediterranean

–Russia admits that 7 were killed at weapons plant, speculation mounts that a test of new class of nuclear-powered missiles blew up

–Hong Kong protests continue, airport shut down by protesters

–Friday night, Anthony Scaramucci was largely coherent on Maher show, now suggests GOP dump Trump in 2020

–Trump pledged to revoke 2 regulations for every new one, and it’s ugly