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PBC News & Comment: Bernie Sanders Releases Media Reform Plan

Sanders’ plans to reform media are detailed in op-ed at Britain’s Guardian, not the Bezos Post or the NY Times–read Sen. Sanders’ plan here

–the same Guardian runs laughable counterpoints by Joan Greve, who uses the “some people say” device to compare Sanders to Trump’s attacks on media

–in Tennessee court filings, Joe Biden’s brother James is accused of promising business associates that Joe would help them score lucrative contracts

—San Francisco billionaire and Dem Prez candidate Tom Steyer gets profiled by NY Times

–listener John Zweibel responds strongly to Ken Freeland’s criticism of Tulsi Gabbard, reported here yesterday

WashPost details Trump’s rambling press conference in France yesterday, which revealed much about our deranged leader

–Iran’s Rouhani says he will meet with Trump after sanctions are lifted

–Brazil’s Bolsonaro zig zags on outside help fighting Amazon fires, but first he has to settle his petty personal squabble with Macron of France

–Ryan Grim at The Intercept exposes Trump crony Steve Schwartzman as a major profiteer deforesting the Amazon basin

–sea level rise is a factor in Indonesia’s plan to move its capital from Java to Borneo

–Netanyahu tries to bolster election prospects with airstrikes and power cuts in Gaza

–despite $28 billion in bailouts, American farmers are pissed at Trump for trade war that cut them off from Chinese markets

–federal judge blocks Missouri’s unconstitutional abortion law

–in Oklahoma, judge rips Johnson & Johnson for opioid impacts, but only fines the company $572 million

–as federal court moves to dismiss indictments against Jeffrey Epstein, his victims were heard by the judge

–Epstein tried to repair his reputation by funding university science projects, and many took the money despite his criminal notoriety