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PBC News & Comment: Report Shows Trump’s Words Provoke Violence

In well-researched report, The Guardian details the pattern of violent acts by people who react to Trump’s reckless comments….--read “Violence in the Name of Trump” here 

--pressing for action on his absurd border wall, Trump tells underlings to “take the land” and he will pardon them if they face prosecution

--in rare moment of accountability, border patrol agent who assaulted immigrant after arrest pleads guilty and resigns

--bound to Harvard, Palestinian student is deported based on Facebook posts by his friends that were critical of US

--in battle over Trump’s tax returns, Deutschebank is forced to admit it has copies of tax filings and other financial info

--as Puerto Rico battens down the hatches for tropical storm Dorian, Trump lies about past aid and says he’s “the best thing that’s ever happened to Puerto Rico”

--after Fox “News” interviews Democrats, Trump tweets that “Fox isn’t working for us anymore”

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reviews Bernie Sanders’ media reform plan, which so far has drawn zero coverage from WashPost and NY Times

--leakers report that in June, when Trump cancelled strikes on Iran, he OK’d a cyberattack that the leakers say impaired Iran’s ability to target oil tanker

--in recent interview, former Admiral and Rep. Joe Sestak talks about his longshot bid for president, and his opposition to war with Iran

--in Britain, buffoonish Boris Johnson goes ruthless with scheme to keep Parliament out of his plan for no-deal Brexit

--Gregory Craig takes the stand to deny he lobbied for Ukraine

--the Sackler family, Oxycontin profiteers, will cough up $3 billion in profits and turn Purdue Pharma into a trust to distribute money to victims

--“mad Dog” Mattis has a book coming out, the advance releases are pretty tame

--from the underbelly of tech giants, we learn that Apple has jettisoned 300 workers who listened to Siri recordings, and Facebook moderators complain about confidentiality in counseling sessions