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In-Depth Interview: Former Congressman, Admiral, Joe Sestak Explains Why He’s Running for President

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Former Pennsylvania congressman and retired Navy Admiral Joe Sestak explains why he’s jumped into the crowded Democratic presidential primary.After retiring from the Navy, Joe Sestak twice won election to the House from a Republican district in Pennsylvania.  In 2010, he ran for the Senate and beat Obama-backed Republican-turned Democrat Arlen Specter in the primary.  He says his victories in red districts, and willingness to buck his party’s leaders, make him well-suited to beat Trump in 2020.

He entered a crowded field late in the cycle, and has been on the ground in Iowa trying to catch up.  He offers strong opposition to Trump’s saber-rattling toward Iran, and not-so-strong opposition to Trump’s regime change efforts in Venezuela.  He also comments on impeachment and health care issues.

This podcast was first released at WhoWhatWhy