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PBC News & Comment: CIA Whistleblower’s Identity Isn’t Secret

It’s not illegal for media to name the whistleblower, and conservative outlets have profiled the likely person; expect presidential tweetstorms….–going rogue, Ivanka Trump says identity of whistleblower is “not particularly relevant”

–experts note protections for whistleblowers are weak, and media aren’t barred from reporting

RealClearInvestigations, part of RealClearPolitics site, broke ranks and identified a 33-year-old expert on Russia and Ukraine

–at WhoWhatWhy, Jeff Schectman interviews whistleblower expert Alison Stanger

–House impeachment investigators release 2 more interview transcripts of Fiona Hill and Lt. Col. Vindman

–John Bolton’s lawyer says Mr. Moustache has lots to tell about Ukraine, but wants court order to testify

–for full WWE effect, GOP names former wrestling coach Jim Jordan to Intel committee, as Jordan faces fresh accusations of ignoring Ohio State sex crimes

–in full page NY Times ad, Bill Moyers presses PBS to air the impeachment hearings in the evening

–comic and radio host entertains Roger Stone trial, as Randy Credico confirms that Stone lied; Greg Palast knows Credico, and comments here

–Palast joins PBC in calling for public ownership of PG&E

–and Naomi Klein visits burned out Paradise one year on, touting Chico’s local Green New Deal

–Rachel Maddow read to her TV kids last night from “A Warning” by Anonymous, still a senior White House official

–Hillary Clinton disses Medicare for All and wealth tax

–as billionaire New Yorker Mike Bloomberg threatens to enter presidential race

–and Paul Krugman says Dem centrists are out of touch

–Liz Warren has new calculator for billionaires to figure out her tax plan

–Trump’s call to “secure the oil” in Syria appears to baffle Pentagon

–in FOIA triumph, Jason Leopold gets admission that US was paying Syrian rebels fighting Assad, and listener Linda Lewis offers an interesting theory that Ukraine whistleblower acted in reprisal

–Brazil’s top court orders release of Lula and other prisoners during appeals

–just in time to interfere in British election, Labour leader Corbyn is smeared again as anti-Semitic

–in UN votes, only US and Israel oppose nuclear-free MidEast and ban on space weapons

–Netanyahu falsely claims IAEA has confirmed secret Iranian nuke site

–more trade war confusion, as Trump sends mixed signals about China negotiations

–as expected, Tulsi Gabbard is called “conspiracy theorist” for demanding the truth about 9/11

–great weekend read: Danny Sjursen laments that his West Point students will be deployed in endless wars