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PBC News & Comment: CIA Whistleblower’s Identity Isn’t Secret

It’s not illegal for media to name the whistleblower, and conservative outlets have profiled the likely person; expect presidential tweetstorms….--going rogue, Ivanka Trump says identity of whistleblower is “not particularly relevant”

--experts note protections for whistleblowers are weak, and media aren’t barred from reporting

--RealClearInvestigations, part of RealClearPolitics site, broke ranks and identified a 33-year-old expert on Russia and Ukraine

--at WhoWhatWhy, Jeff Schectman interviews whistleblower expert Alison Stanger

--House impeachment investigators release 2 more interview transcripts of Fiona Hill and Lt. Col. Vindman

--John Bolton’s lawyer says Mr. Moustache has lots to tell about Ukraine, but wants court order to testify

--for full WWE effect, GOP names former wrestling coach Jim Jordan to Intel committee, as Jordan faces fresh accusations of ignoring Ohio State sex crimes

--in full page NY Times ad, Bill Moyers presses PBS to air the impeachment hearings in the evening

--comic and radio host entertains Roger Stone trial, as Randy Credico confirms that Stone lied; Greg Palast knows Credico, and comments here

--Palast joins PBC in calling for public ownership of PG&E

--and Naomi Klein visits burned out Paradise one year on, touting Chico’s local Green New Deal

--Rachel Maddow read to her TV kids last night from “A Warning” by Anonymous, still a senior White House official

--Hillary Clinton disses Medicare for All and wealth tax

--as billionaire New Yorker Mike Bloomberg threatens to enter presidential race

--and Paul Krugman says Dem centrists are out of touch

--Liz Warren has new calculator for billionaires to figure out her tax plan

--Trump’s call to “secure the oil” in Syria appears to baffle Pentagon

--in FOIA triumph, Jason Leopold gets admission that US was paying Syrian rebels fighting Assad, and listener Linda Lewis offers an interesting theory that Ukraine whistleblower acted in reprisal

--Brazil’s top court orders release of Lula and other prisoners during appeals

--just in time to interfere in British election, Labour leader Corbyn is smeared again as anti-Semitic

--in UN votes, only US and Israel oppose nuclear-free MidEast and ban on space weapons

--Netanyahu falsely claims IAEA has confirmed secret Iranian nuke site

--more trade war confusion, as Trump sends mixed signals about China negotiations

--as expected, Tulsi Gabbard is called “conspiracy theorist” for demanding the truth about 9/11

--great weekend read: Danny Sjursen laments that his West Point students will be deployed in endless wars