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Podcast Special: Marin ACLU Panel Discussion on Criminal Justice Reform

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In this podcast, you’ll hear a portion of a panel discussion on criminal justice reform, presented by ACLU of Marin County on October 26, 2019.The panel includes:

•   Anne Stulhdreher, Director of the Financial Justice Project in the
Office of Treasurer for San Francisco

•   Lori Frugoli, District Attorney of Marin County

•   Tony Platt, criminologist and author of Beyond These Walls: Rethinking
Crime and Punishment in the United States

We begin with Stuldreher explaining the work of the Financial Justice Project, which has reduced or eliminated fines and fees for offenders in San Francisco.  We discuss home confinement with GPS monitors (that offenders pay for), and Platt shares his view of the “carceral state”.  Frugoli addresses some of the issues with data collection that she inherited, and is trying to fix.  We discuss the school to prison pipeline, and the sharp reduction in school suspensions and expulsions in the past few years in California.

Some of the comments are specific to Marin County, but much of the discussion applies broadly to efforts at reforming the criminal justice system.

This recording, from an iPhone, isn’t perfect, but most comments are understandable.